Thursday, May 31, 2007


this picture was actually taken last evening, I made an Angel Food cake, my fav and gave the kids some for snack, which they loved. I topped it with cool whip and Emma said, "I like it" i keep thinking of Mikey from Kix cereal i think. I didn't take any pics today, we had a crazy morning, i ended up walking/running four miles at the gym this am and then we came home so i could shower. We walked down to see the ducks but they weren't there, i guess they were out to lunch. It was kinda windy and cool by the lake so we headed back to eat lunch. I made the famous Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, I switched and am now using All Natural Peanut Butter, the oil on the top freaks me out alittle but when it is in the fridge you dont' really have to stir it much but it is like a fine crunchy, i am also using Polaner all fruit Jelly, the kids ate it right up so hey whatever works. I just get a little more freaked out with all this crap they put in foods nowadays. Of course i still drink my swamp water Diet Mountain Dew but hey i know the facts.
My boss just called and asked if i wanted to stay at home, ah yes but hello i do want to get paid and dont' want to use my vacation time so fortunately it is not my turn to get cancelled, i guess next week will be my turn again. for some reason our deliveries are down, it will pick back up again next full moon.
Not much new here, we will be going to the Shriners parade tomorrow evening and possibly using our swimming pass tomorrow if it warms up. If not we are going to play outside. The girls still aren't asleep and they have been in bed for forty minutes but they are playing quietly and happily so whatever works. I just wish they would at least nap a little. Oh i better get ready for work.
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Stephanie said...

Cute photo I love angel food cake too that and soda cake those are so good. That is odd that deliveries are down today is a full monn(blue moon) it is the second one this month.

Jennifer said...

Cute one Emma...what's for dinner before the Parade?? Can't wait, just hope we can keep our little rascals tied down before the parade starts!!

Amanda said...

Such a cute picture. Angel food cake sounds yummy although I normally don't care for it. Go figure. And with all these food changes are you going crunchy granola on us? LOL J/K