Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas, I have so much to be thankful for this year, my family, my friends, my health, and one decision that i truly feel confident in. Today was a big disappointing day, i had interviewed for a job in a call center, i found out today i didn't get the position, they said it was a very hard choice but the person they chose was more qualified, but they did request that if another opening becomes available would i please apply. We will see, I thought this was the perfect job for me but God has other plans, I am not sure where he is leading me but i will follow. This past Sunday in church the priest during his homily said you need to listen very quietly b/c God sends you messages in many different ways, I truly realized that today when i didn't get the job at Childrens but still had NO REGRETS when quitting St. Elizabeth's, it was time. I truly work with some amazing people and I don't know if you read my blog but I will miss working with you, I have to say that I usuallly had a blast at work and never worked without laughing out loud, i don't know how many places you can work at and say that. I have been blessed to work with such great coworkers who will always hold a dear place in my heart. So to all of you that follow my blog, thank you for following along with me, and giving me your support by just showing an interest in the daily well more like biweekly updates of my chaotic families life. May you truly find the meaning of Christmas and peace in your heart. And find humor in your holiday! To all a Good Night...

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

breakfast with Santa

Saturday am we started the day with Breakfast with Santa at the firehouse, it was great, it was a pancake and sausage breakfast, Santa came. My kids only asked for one thing a piece, when Santa asked Audrey what else she wanted she just shrugged her shoulders and said "i don't know" she does want a swimming puppy which well Santa is going to bring her. christian also wants a swimming puppy, and Em wants a swimming baby thats all they asked for so i can't wait to see their faces when they get them, of course they are getting a ton of other stuff. I thought for some reason this year i cut the gifts down but after a wrapping frenzy on Friday that was not the case. Today we headed to Chris's grandmas for the Christmas with her, the kids had a blast but oh they were wiped and bedtime led to some knock down drag out tanturms, I was feeding Hayden so i couldnt' tuck them in, usually i throw them a kiss, Emma yelled while she was crying "i don't want that kiss" well then, all i could do was laugh which needless to say ticked her off even more. Tomorrow we are going to a chuck e cheese type of place with jeanette, that is her gift to them which i am hoping they at least sleept till 730 so bedtime isn't ugly tomorrow night. This am after church we scored some awesome deals at Old Navy. Tomorrow i am hoping to hit the gym in the morning to at least get us out of this house, but it is so darn cold. On another note i put in my two weeks at work, it was sad but it was time. I didnt' tear up until this evening when i talked to a nurse i work with and said they are planning a little dinner out for my going away, then it makes me sad, I've been in that unit 8.5 years but the time has come to move on. so on that note i am moving on to my bed..

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Monday, December 15, 2008

a long day

today i went to my MIL to make cookies with 4 kids in tow, the roads were slick not too bad, luckily my niece and nephew also had off school, believe it or not my 8 year old nephew played with the triplets almost all day, Hayden hung out in his jumperoo the first couple hours on and off but after noon pretty much was held by me, this little piggy has ate almost non stop all day i guess he is hitting some growth spurt, its almost like when he was a newborn. the triplets are almost easier in some aspects, when they want to be fed they ask for a snack, they go to the bathroom by themselves, and can entertain themselves, Hayden is not so easy plus he didn't want to nap all day but wanted to go to bed at 630 which i didnt' let him. the kids made sugar cookies which in the first picture Emma and Christian are reaching to get a cookie, Audrey doesn't like cookies (not my daughter) so she asked for marshmallows, and well Hayden apparently likes to play with my socks. The weather here bites, we have a nice sheet of sleet on the streets, with more to maybe come tomorrow and on Thursday so possibly no school which means no school till Jan 5, a long time to be trapped in the house. so as of now i sit blogging drinking a glass of wine, i need to pay bills after the kids go to bed but i am going to bed myself, i am wiped once again i slept like crap again last night. I am praying for at least a day of school tomorrow so i can finish up some wrapping and a little peace to myself before Christmas break starts.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

7 months

my baby is seven months old,can you believe it i sure can't, i love every stage i can't seem to remember the little things with the triplets b/c either it was long ago or else with three at once you seem to forget. I say this every update but he LOVES his mama, if he sees me and somebody else is holding him he will fuss until i hold him, he has his two bottom teeth that popped out last thursday finally, he loves his big brother and sisters and they are really good with him. Hayden can sit up on his own now, loves to sleep on his belly, and DOES NOT LOVE SLEEPIGN THRU THE NIGHT LOL. He takes two naps a day and would probably nap more if we were home on a regualr basis. We tried giving him those gerber wagon wheels yesterday, he did like them. We have been blessed to have him as an addition to our family, God has blessed us with 4 wonderful kids.
The first picture is me and Cathy before our race on Saturday, first of all it was cold and i almost gave up a couple of times but Cathy gave me motivation, unlike the first race where i never walked i walked a couple of times but not for long, i had a heavy dinner on Friday night and bad cramps in my legs, Cathy and her friend Carrie reassured me some races are better than others which relates to life some days are better than others and some days we need the stregnth of God, friends and family to make it through. Saturday we went to cookies with Santa a fellow triplet mom hosted at her house and had a blast. Hayden really liked Santa, good thing b/c next year he probably won't. the triplets had fun, i will post pics of them tomorrow. But i had to post the picture of Hayden and Cooper they are best buds, they even like to dress alike, LOL. I love the bottom picture b/c of the grin on Hayden' face and the giggle from Santa it is priceless.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

playing around

Our Thanksgiving was great, we had ALOT to be thankful for this year including. We went to my aunt's house in Fenton and had a great time, my aunts DIL, reminds me of my friend Amanda she lovess to take pics in the natural light and was breaking out the big daddy camera on Thanksgiving and took a bunch of Hayden and the kids that i can't wait to see. Friday i went shopping with my mom and aunt in South County and scored some deals, uggh i have a gymboree addiction also now, i had a 20% off coupon in addition to their 30% off sale so it was 50% off, i scored some deals. Friday night we took the kids to see the lights at the Shrine and in the start of it Emma said "Daddy i want to go home, and Audrey said "me too" nice, Christian didnt' say anything b/c he is afraid of staying home forever or thats what he says, today i did massive amounts of laundry and even put it away while Chris and the kids decorated the outside of the house with the lights and we bought the artifical snow blower that ski resorts use. Okay we didn't buy that but how cool would that be. Next SAturday is my next 5K, i hope i don't freeze to death, i guess i need to invest in some armour stuff that is cold gear, maybe i can talk my mom into buying it for an ealry chrismas present, I have been running alot outside. not much new here trying to make my lists and check them twice, and then i dont' even want to think about christmas cards, uggh don't expect much from me this year i dont' have any cool ideas i guess i may check the internet or else ask Amanda martha stewart if she has any ideas. so enjoy my pics from today i was practicing with my camera and the settings.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

in a funk don't know why

so i am super stressed at work long story but tonight i reached a breaking point and i am hoping to announce a change in a couple of weeks, no i am not pregnant and going to be staffing my own funny farm... not much new here, my kids have been pretty good, on Wed we went to a playdate at the Reuss's. Hayden has been sick, we don't know with what but he has a nice rash, and a nice cough, and now has a nice red excoritated bottom from his antibiotic. ughhh. and the best part is it is 120 am and i am still awake, i worked tongiht and am fired up from that, i didn't get off until late. Hayden was wide awake and wanting to play when i got home which was fine hopefully he sleeps until 6 am. I put my tree up this past Sunday and really haven't gotten anywhere with decorating it, i don't know why but for some reason i am on the go all the time, life has just gotten busy. so here are some pics, i better get in bed.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

6 months

Yesterday Hayden was 6 months old, so hard to believe, seems it was just yesterday that he was just born, his personality is developing, he loves his mama and has a little tantrum already when i walk out of the room, he loves his big brother and sisters, Christian loves Hayden but really could care less what he is doing, the girls run into Hayden's room in the am when they hear him on the monitor and he just giggles at them. He has become the chubby wubby baby,i think he may be trying to catch up with Cooper or else my milk now has half and half in it. I started him on cereal awhile back but he didnt' really like it, well last week i introduced sweet potatoes and banannas, and the sweet potatoes are his favorite, he kind of makes a mmm sound when he eats. This past week has been busy, this time change has the kids jacked up, Christian has been the nightmare child, well nightmare for him he generally is pretty easy going but this week was something to be desired. Today i had the kids lay down in thier beds this afternoon and they were all out as soon as their head hit the pillow, made a WORLD of difference tonight. When i sat down today to try and think why Christain was being a pill it dawned on me that he probably is overtired from the time change, so he napped and cooperated tonight. oh well i am going to web surf a little and then off to bed, this cold weather makes me tired or else maybe the fact i have 4 kids makes me tired...

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween pictures

trick or lots of treats! our halloween was great, my little Audrey begged to be a pink unicorn which when Friday came she pouted until i gave in and let her be Ariel,grrrrrrrr 30 dollars down the drain at least i can sell it. next year they can decide 3 days before halloween so there are no changes and they are on sale. after christian went to every house he would say "mom i got candy and i said thank you". yesterday we went to a turkey shoot for the fire dept and i won a gift card basket that is AWESOME. today we hit the park with the springers and now the kids are chillin on the couch. this time change is killin me with the early riser Hayden. off to feed a baby

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Monday, October 27, 2008

not my mug shot

On Saturday i ran my first 5K, woohoo, it has been a goal of mine for about 4 years but i never could do it b/c i would train to fast and end up hurting my bad knee, well this time i followed directions from coolrunning.com and viola a goal has been accomplished. It was one of the hardest activities to do in my life and trust me i have been an avid exerciser for the last 10 years but i trained my body to do it and it did. The last 1/2 mile was pretty intense with just being tired, sweaty and cold, and a BIG hill but Cathy and i finished in 34 min and 25 seconds. Cathy said i was a fast runner and she didn't anticipate finishing in that time frame, she said you have no slow speed. Let me tell you i am still on a high horse from it and am most likely going to do another 5K in two weeks. Then i am done b/c i don't like to run in the cold but i will do more in the future but you won't see me doing any full marathoons unless i start smoking some crack again, LOL. Saturday night Chris and i went out without kids to celebrate my run and that was fun but by 10pm i was ready for bed, heck i am still tired and a little sore from Saturday. Anyway Cathy and i didn't get any pics of us before the run, no place to put the camera so chris took the pic of me that evening with my number. Today me and the kids did our storytime at Barnes and Noble and then came home, Christian loves to look at books, toy magazines, you name it so i had three toys r us big books and told the kids to cut out pics for their wish list from Santa and glue it on a piece of paper, they thought that was pretty cool. Tonight Chris and i got to watch the girls at tap/ballet and i forgot my camera but Chris did take pics with his camera phone. We only get to watch a total of four times, the next time i think is in December. The weather is nuts, it is supposed to freeze tonight and then be 68 on Friday, whatever as long as it is semi decent on Halloween i don't care. oh well i think i am headed for bed, getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow, i would post a pic but i am not going to have her style it since i will be going to the gym tomorrow night and don't want to waste the cute hair do to only get sweaty.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pumpking carving and pimp daddy

Chris carved a pumpkin with the kids last night, the girls loved digging in the pumpkin and Christian's usual response was "i don't love that", i haven't seen the pumpkin yet, for some reason it is in our f reezer, isn't that where you all keepy your pumpkins? Actually Chris is waiting until the ribbon cutting ceremony or something i dont' know. today i am wore out Stephanie stopped by and i think she was speechless when she saw the disaster the tornado left when it went thru our living room, part of the dissaster was the laundry which Hayden is sitting on, can you spy Hayden? I spy ALOT of laundry that is for sure. Today i cooked dinner again, did the kids pumpkin craft for school, made pumpkin seeds, tended to a fussy baby who freaked every time i left the room, and went to the gym, and ended up giving the kids a bath since Chris was on a fire call, ugghh i am tired, doing three sets of homework with kids who want help NOW is a little tough at times but i guess this gives us practice for a couple years down the road. Also itonight i had this little track suit on hayden with the hat i unitentionally borrowed from Target (long story) and Chris said he looked like a little rapper so we put the bling on Hayden and snapped away, anybody needing a new pimp can borrow Hayden but you have to return him for dinner! OFf to bed i am whooped.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

latest pictures

i dont' know why but i have been not posting lately, i check everybody else's blog for updated pics but for some reason am too lazy too post. Not much new here, i do have a new addiction and that is facebook. Last week we went pumpkin picking with the kids MDO, they had fun but you had to get small pumpkins for school, so we went to Farmers Market on Sat with the whole family and got a larger one. I should take Hayden to Eckerts to get his picture and maybe i will but i am lazy lately and like to do nothing but stay at home when the kids are in school. Hayden is sleeping much better knock on wood, watch him make a liar out of me tonight, he will sleep from 730-8 till around 330-4, pretty good sleep for me. i can handle that. The triplets are doing great, it amazes me how independent they are getting, they get themselves dressed, buckled in thier carseats well the top part. the past two Mondays we have gone to Barnes and Noble for storytime which they seem to enjoy and Hayden loves to watch the kids sing songs, he jumps around and yells, it is too funny. Christian and i have been butting heads nonstop, ughhhhh he has been testing my patience and my patience is wearing thin, i think i say multiple prayers daily to have stregnth to not lose my cool. Christian has always been a mommas boy and whatever mom said usually was good but woohoa times have changed. The kids are getting so funny, this morning Emma told Audrey she needed to get back b/c her breath was stinky, too funny, and also last week Audrey called Emma a not so nice name, ughh. Work is going well, i am considering going back regular staff after the new year, again i am considering it, it will probably be 12 hour nights, which i don't really want but if a door opens i will take it. It is something i struggle weekly with and sometimes i think i am a better parent if i am working a little more.ughh it makes my stomach turn even thinking about it. Plesae say a little prayer Saturday is my first 5K ever, i am running it with my best friend Cathy, and another friend Lisa, so nervous about it though. That also makes my stomach turn, but this has been a goal of mine for a long time coming so if i can finish i will be so proud. I think i can i think i can. oh well enjoy the pics of my cute kids, LOL

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Monday, October 6, 2008

5 months

Hayden is 5 months today and as usual i am putting his photos up. He is the happiest baby and i think the cutest baby ever. My cousin gave us the doorway jumper thing and the kid LOVES it, he loves to bounce. I need to also get the jumperoo Jen loaned me out, keep forgetting about that one also. Hayden loves his brother and sisters, especially Audrey she can get him giggling in no time. tonight for instance on our way to dance she was looking at him giggling and he was cracking up out loud, it was so cute. Its something i can't explain to those who have one child but when you see a special moment between siblings in gives me the goose bumps. Today i also witnessed the neighbor boy Zach run up to the kids through the fence and give them a great big hug when he got home from school, it was really touching how much the two older neighbor kids love my kids. Hayden is still quite the momma's boy which is fine by me. today we went to the park with Lindsey, and her kids. Cooper and Hayden were just grinning and talking to one another it was so cute, i was afraid for one minute that Cooper was going to try and eat Hayden, just kidding. I love Cooper's feet they are so chubby and he is a happy baby also, i guess they have to be when they have three other kids to compete with,you just got to go with the flow. For those of you who like easy recipes, i made one tonight. You take a beef roast, 1 cup of A-1, and some salt,pepper and garlic powder and throw it in the crock pot unitl done, it was really good, i do have to say i love the kraftfoods website super easy. I also made whole wheat pasta with feta cheese and fat free good seasons italian dressing, the kids loved it and it is really good for you also. Got my print of the kids feet framed and picked it up tonight and it is FABULOUS. i will take a pic tomorrow although the picture will do the finished product no justice but it turned out great, for those of you that come over sometimes you will have to come soon to see it,i will be offering half price admission for a limited time. and i may just offer you a glass of the Hallowine once my supplier comes through. i tried some of this Hallowine on Saturday and this stuff rocks you can supposedly only get it in Columbia or Troy so i have a connection and hopefully she comes through soon,i am dying here.
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