Tuesday, October 30, 2007

getting ready for trick or treat

so no pictures today as i was getting the costumes ready for tomorrow the kids have their party at school and they have to be dressed to parade arund the houses by school. i broke down and bought maternity pants today, my jeans just dont' zip anymore well not without laying down on the bed and jumping around the room followed by two sets of 12 squats, you know we have all had those moments. LOL so i have just decided i just look fat right now, and am depressed hello i want the baby bump to stick out, now it just looks like i have baby got back, that song keeps going through my head. I will post a belly shot i think once i have Chris take one, maybe tomorrow since i will be twelve weeks. My friend Kim is going to do a hush hush ultrasound on friday, Pam dont' say a word, and hopefully be able to tell what this little bean is. any guesses?
so here is one more beach picture, Christian was so engrossed in thought i couldnt' resist. be prepared to be overloaded from tomorrow.
Also Happy Birthday to Cole Johnson, hard to believe you are one year old,hope your birthday was full of big boy grins and giggles.
Also congrats to the Reuss Family who decided to join the family of six or more club, Lindsey and her husband have triplets who are 16 months old and will be the big siblings around June 20th. Hope your all day feeling like crap leaves you,it really really sucks. Lindsey and i will be the only sober ones at our MOMMES dinners, cant' wait already for a margarita!
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Monday, October 29, 2007

sneak preview

these pics are from yesterday i let the kids all try on their costumes and Chris took pictures, it is very hard to get photos of all three looking but the girls had to have their sunglasses on, and for those of you who know my son you will agree the hippo totally fits him, HE IS IN LOVE WITH HIPPOS, well he loves any jungle or zoo animals, he begs me to watch either Tarzan or Jungle Book all the time. I limited the TV time today as we played with Moon SAnd, note to self to buy stuff we can mold with, and play doh, and went to SAms, then this evening the girls and i walked while i pushed Christian in the stroller, the girls walked about 1.5 miles and now they are all watching Tarzan while i blog. i am trying my best this week to adapt to the time change as i don't want them up at 6am and have a battle for a week, i can handle 645 but anything earlier and you have a grumpy mommy. something about waking up before them. Tonight when we were walking a police car drove by and Audrey says "mommy they put bad people in the back behind the screen" what where did she learn that, then she told me that the bug had died, how does she know about death. I have my appt on Thursday am and hoping to get cleared for the gym again, spotting, knock on wood has completely stopped, i was going to go today but Christian is still requiring every 4 hour treatments and Audrey's nose is non stop so i think i better wait till they are better before i get them sick again. PLESE NO STOMACH FLU. Last week at work was horrendus, jsut busy and i worked alot, yesterday i was completely exhausted. Today my boss calls me and yells at me for some accucheck charting error, (i did what the machine told me to do and she said i was wrong, well maybe if she would ever do an accucheck she would know what i am talking about) vent, i never get talked to but who ha she was on a mission today, and trust me my boss is not a nice person to deal with, luckily i am on her good side but saw the bad side today. just pisses me off i bust my butt and work understaffed and did the job of two nurses but yet get reemed. I wish i just sat around and did nothing, somebody once said that to me that don't nurses just sit around, ha that is not a funny joke. okay enough of my soapbox, momma has her groove back, now only if i could tell this nightime puking where to go!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

more pumpkin pickin pictures

so last Sunday we went pumpkin picking, i didint' get as many photos as i like b/c i was nauseaeted and hot. but in the second two Emma wanted to hold her pumpkin well when Chris gave it to her the stem rolled and scratched her right under her eye, that is why she is crying, i thought it was cute. The first photo i was just playing with not sure if i like the color added to it. Tonight is my mommes couples dinner at Schlafly's in St. Louis, so i need to get ready. i am on a cleaning and laundry kick so hopefully this energy continues for the next 26 weeks! that will put me at 37 weeks and then i can be lazy again. crazy weekend ahead with work again,that seems as all i do. cant wait to get my paycheck, twelve extra hours of mucho bucks, well i guess money for gulp Christmas, i was at Penneys the other day and they had up their Chirstmas decorations by the jewelry , womens, and childrens, yikes!

Wanted to mention congrats to Kara and Jake on their new bundle of joy Mia Rose! Can't wait to meet her.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

i'm a big kid now

okay also check the post below for pictures, last night when i was at work chris did a mr potato head pumpkin wtih the kids, and he said they loved it. notice i wasn't home or thier clothes would be on correctly, the tag on Audrey's shirt, and their faces would have been clean. but the looks on thier faces is priceless, they are getting to be such big kids. I LOVE YOU KIDDOS. Also i am a little teary eyed lately but that new song Don't Blink by Rascal Flatts i think makes me cry, i only listened to the words last week and was in tears.
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Saturday night fever

well hello, long time no blog, i have been taking pictures just no energy to load and blog. Saturday chris was in his friend, and Emma's Godfathers wedding, the reception was at the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis, it was so nice. the kids LOVED LOVED LOVED dancing and had a blast, we got home at 11 only to have the kids back up at 7 am on Sunday and they were so cranky. Audrey cried when we left b/c she needed to dance more, i am so glad they had so much fun. Thankfully Uncle John also went and pretty much enteratined the kids until the dancing started at 830, he bent over to play with the kids and ripped the back of his pants out, i was laughing so hard. I came out of the bathroom and John said "Dana we kind of have a problem, so of course i think the kids were bad and then he said, my pants blew out, well he said he ripped the seam but you couldnt' tell but it was too funny. I have been feeling okay, still nausea iwth the occasional hugging the porcelain bowl but it is getting better, i am eleven weeks now and my next app is Nov 1st. oh well off to see what mess the kids made while i am doing this.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

look for many posts today

here are some more photos from the park today, the new one mentioned below in Swansea. The alligator pic was supposed to be Christian's halloween costume but the 24 mos is just a little short but he loved playing with it, he will be a hippo a fifty dollar hippo, i want to puke at that price but he loves hippos so what the hey. the last picture is the kids with their pumpkins that they picked, they all actually were looking at me. good thing i have good kids who are entertaining the notion their mom feels like crap most of the time. oh well off to get the kids ready for bed, don't forget tocheck below for more pictures.

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new pics finally

okay i am going to try multiple posts for all my photos. today after laying on the couch half the morning i decided to take the kiddos to Swansea Kingdom park, it just opened last evening and is AWESOME, John and Chris met me there to helpe with the kiddos and they loved it. they have a big kids area and a little tots area, it looks like a big castle and the kids can go through them. Not else much new here, still feel like crap 90% of the day and want to puke all the time. oh well i better eat some supper while an egg sandwich sounds appetizing.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

more beach pics

okay okay, i did take pics tonight but i feel so nauseated and am trying not to throw up b/c i just took alot of pills, pills that i should be taking. Today i did go back to the gym, i didn't get to do my weights b/c i was a little wore out but i will go back tomorrow. I am walking and doing the bike. My nausea seems to be a little better although i think the medicine is helping, who knows. Water is so gross right now, i am so sick of drinking it, nothing tastes that great to drink, maybe i will try some Kool Aid. Tomorrow it is only supposed to be 70, woohoo, i think we will play outside. the first picture is from the vacation with Aunt pam reading them a story, the next is Audrey on Martha's vineyard when she was in timeout but the timeout location had great photo ops! the next pic is me and the kiddos on teh beach and the last is Audrey again b/c rarely do i get a good picture of her lately. she doesnt' want to look at the camera. okay i need to go i am going to be sick.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Houston we have a heartbeat

so today i went for my ultrasound and I saw the heartbeat, a little relief off of my chest, still not out of the woods but at least we are progressing. I also have started dry heaving oh and let me tell you it is wonderful to be driving down the road and dry heaving into a bag, just love it when nothing comes up, sorry to be so honest but i am a nurse and no talk about barfing, pooping disgusts me. the dr did give me a script for some anti nausea meds but apparently my insurance will not approve a month supply only 15 pills until they get a prior auth. whatever hopefully i wont' need them that long. they also drew some blood work and said see you in a month. knock on wood the spotting has stopped. the kids have sat in front of the TV all week b/c i have felt like utter crap. I did get the green light to start working out again so hopefully that will provide me with a little energy and less time in the house. Christian who is my sweet tooth guy asked the teacher at MDO today for a cupcake party like he had last week, they celebrated a birthday last week, the teacher said how about an Oreo party and he said YEAH. that kinda cracked me up.
so the pictures the first one is Em and me walking on the beach and the rest is self explanatory. Good night!

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Monday, October 1, 2007

such a slacker lately

so everything went well at my appt last thursday had an ultrasound saw a peanut that grew from the previous week and had bloodwork drawn that drastically shot up. i am sick as a dog, have thrown up after every meal today and i hardly ate anything i know i should but its just nasty coming back up. I am nauseated all the time, i didnt' feel this way with the kiddos unless driving in a car and sometimes between 4-8pm, rarely did i get sick. oh well at least i get a nap when the kids nap now. anyhow i am going to go try and eat some cheese and chips and salsa, that is what i am craving now so i better eat it, hope the salsa doesn't come back up. i promise i will get pictures sometime this week, i am so lazy.