Saturday, November 29, 2008

playing around

Our Thanksgiving was great, we had ALOT to be thankful for this year including. We went to my aunt's house in Fenton and had a great time, my aunts DIL, reminds me of my friend Amanda she lovess to take pics in the natural light and was breaking out the big daddy camera on Thanksgiving and took a bunch of Hayden and the kids that i can't wait to see. Friday i went shopping with my mom and aunt in South County and scored some deals, uggh i have a gymboree addiction also now, i had a 20% off coupon in addition to their 30% off sale so it was 50% off, i scored some deals. Friday night we took the kids to see the lights at the Shrine and in the start of it Emma said "Daddy i want to go home, and Audrey said "me too" nice, Christian didnt' say anything b/c he is afraid of staying home forever or thats what he says, today i did massive amounts of laundry and even put it away while Chris and the kids decorated the outside of the house with the lights and we bought the artifical snow blower that ski resorts use. Okay we didn't buy that but how cool would that be. Next SAturday is my next 5K, i hope i don't freeze to death, i guess i need to invest in some armour stuff that is cold gear, maybe i can talk my mom into buying it for an ealry chrismas present, I have been running alot outside. not much new here trying to make my lists and check them twice, and then i dont' even want to think about christmas cards, uggh don't expect much from me this year i dont' have any cool ideas i guess i may check the internet or else ask Amanda martha stewart if she has any ideas. so enjoy my pics from today i was practicing with my camera and the settings.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

in a funk don't know why

so i am super stressed at work long story but tonight i reached a breaking point and i am hoping to announce a change in a couple of weeks, no i am not pregnant and going to be staffing my own funny farm... not much new here, my kids have been pretty good, on Wed we went to a playdate at the Reuss's. Hayden has been sick, we don't know with what but he has a nice rash, and a nice cough, and now has a nice red excoritated bottom from his antibiotic. ughhh. and the best part is it is 120 am and i am still awake, i worked tongiht and am fired up from that, i didn't get off until late. Hayden was wide awake and wanting to play when i got home which was fine hopefully he sleeps until 6 am. I put my tree up this past Sunday and really haven't gotten anywhere with decorating it, i don't know why but for some reason i am on the go all the time, life has just gotten busy. so here are some pics, i better get in bed.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

6 months

Yesterday Hayden was 6 months old, so hard to believe, seems it was just yesterday that he was just born, his personality is developing, he loves his mama and has a little tantrum already when i walk out of the room, he loves his big brother and sisters, Christian loves Hayden but really could care less what he is doing, the girls run into Hayden's room in the am when they hear him on the monitor and he just giggles at them. He has become the chubby wubby baby,i think he may be trying to catch up with Cooper or else my milk now has half and half in it. I started him on cereal awhile back but he didnt' really like it, well last week i introduced sweet potatoes and banannas, and the sweet potatoes are his favorite, he kind of makes a mmm sound when he eats. This past week has been busy, this time change has the kids jacked up, Christian has been the nightmare child, well nightmare for him he generally is pretty easy going but this week was something to be desired. Today i had the kids lay down in thier beds this afternoon and they were all out as soon as their head hit the pillow, made a WORLD of difference tonight. When i sat down today to try and think why Christain was being a pill it dawned on me that he probably is overtired from the time change, so he napped and cooperated tonight. oh well i am going to web surf a little and then off to bed, this cold weather makes me tired or else maybe the fact i have 4 kids makes me tired...

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween pictures

trick or lots of treats! our halloween was great, my little Audrey begged to be a pink unicorn which when Friday came she pouted until i gave in and let her be Ariel,grrrrrrrr 30 dollars down the drain at least i can sell it. next year they can decide 3 days before halloween so there are no changes and they are on sale. after christian went to every house he would say "mom i got candy and i said thank you". yesterday we went to a turkey shoot for the fire dept and i won a gift card basket that is AWESOME. today we hit the park with the springers and now the kids are chillin on the couch. this time change is killin me with the early riser Hayden. off to feed a baby

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