Monday, August 25, 2008

new pics

read post below b/c this is posted twice but click on older posts to read my update, ughh blogger is making me mad.

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still catching up

last week stupid blogger wouldn't let me post so let me do a recap. Last week for the first time in a long time i went to an intermediate step class, i forgot how much i really love the classes, i love doing my workouts in the cardio center but i also love classes. i always go to my Saturday am class but i need to get in the swing of going back to more. my goal is to also try a spin class, the problem is when they have them it doesn't work so well with our schedule. Last Wednesday we went to the firehouse for lunch and the Springers came also, Lucas loves fire trucks and you should have seen his face when he found out he was going to get a ride in the firetruck, it was priceless. Friday evening in the last picture is Hayden's best buddy Cooper, this is Lindsey's little boy, for those of you who don't know I was Lindsey's (awesome) mentor when she was pregnant with the triplets, then last year when i told her i was pregnant and invited her to join my pregnancy cult she at first declined but then after about a month she called me to let me know she decided she wanted to be cool like me and knocked up. So Cooper was born on June 14th, for those of you wondering, Lindsey has part half and half part miracle gro in her breastmilk, Cooper was already like 3 feet when he was born. Friday night we went to the Springers birthday party at the pool where my son decided to jump in the big pool all by himself, what i didnt' mention is that Chris was with the girls in the bathroom, Christian ran ahead and i was on the deck nourshing my other son, luckily the springers dad was standing nearby and pulled hiim out. Chris told Christian no more swimming and Christian screamed bloody murder. Saturday evening we went to my grade school church picnic and we won four goldfish, well now we have one remaining. seems as though the pump in our small fish aquarium sucks them up like a vacuum if they are too small. apparently we can take care of our litter but when it comes to goldfish and plants we don't know what the heck we are doing.
Sunday we workedout then met John at Cutters and then to Dairyhaven for ice cream.
Today i took Emma for her ENT appt and she still has a small hole in her eardrum, if it still there in Feb they will need to patch it, great. I also talked with the lady doing our cakes for the party, i think i got it figured out, luckily the lady two doors down makes cakes and will deliver! Chris should be talking to jack about our bounce house so hopefully chris gets the date right on that. oh well i have kiddos asking to go to bed and i just realized the sink has been running for the last ten minutes, .... oh crap

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

stupid blogger

i will update later if this even posts, this is my third attempt in three days, we do have news though, we have added four goldfish to our family!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

my big kids

today i took the girls to a new salon that caters to kids, christian had his hair cut last week so he didnt go. they had special chairs that looked like jeeps or 4 wheelers and got to watch a movie while they got their hair cut. The girls wanted shorter hair so i agreed and we are growing thier bangs out but the lady showed me how to pull them back and still look cute. Emma looks a little possessed in the pic below. Christian and Hayden hung out with daddy and took a walk, i backed over the stroller wheel leaving b/c i was being nice getting the stroller out and in this new van that we got yesterday i am not used to it. In other news Hayden slept from 10-6 this am, my boobs hurt so bad when i woke up. so probably tonight he won't sleep good but that is okay he will eventually do it. He has made his own schedule with napping and that is fine it works for our family, when you have four kids you just go with the flow. Hayden is a total MOMMAS boy, just like his brother was. He LOVES to be held and if somebody is holding him other than me and sees me he cries until i hold him. He giggles out loud and is fascinated with the kiddos, he loves to watch them.
I hope our van is fixed Monday b/c this van they gave us a loaner, it doesn't have power doors, no i am not a snob but i keep leaving the doors open b/c you have to pull it shut, the other ones you tug on and they close so at target yesterday i left one open. oh well.
I am out of my funk that i was in, i realized i don't have alot of time to worry about feeling isolated that there are more important things to worry about (such as closing the doors LOL) and i willl just try and go with the flow. oh well need to feed Hayden and get ready to go out.
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

family day

yesterday Chris took off from work and we headed to the zoo, we are very lucky to have some great weather for the last week, highs of 83 with no humididty, woohoo. we stayed at the zoo for a couple of hours then headed to the boathouse for lunch to meet Aunt Cathy. For those of you who don't know what the boathouse is it is a restaurant in Forest Park that has outside seating, you can rent kayak's, paddleboats or rowboats and has an awesome atmosphere. We sat outside the food was pretty good, it would be even better on a Friday evening without kids while enjoying some bud light limes (my new drink of choice). I think i may try and con the Springers and the Reuss for an evening out, i'm sure i wont' have to twist their arm too hard, LOL. I have been busy the past couple of days, I finally called and got a baptism day for Hayden, I am going to have it the morning of the kids party and then just celebrate both in one day, one less party for me to plan and get ready for. I LOVE having four kids although I am busier than i ever imagined i would be. It seems as though lately i have felt isolated like we felt after the triplets were born. I have has some free time to myself and Tuesday night i went out with Pam and Lindsey which was also fun.
My van once again is having lights on that shouldn't be so we are stuck at home this am, no workouts today so today i wont' be exercising which is probably good since my right knee is really hurting. after i get dressed and Hayden goes down for a nap i am going to take the kids outside and play soccer, they lately have liked kicking their soccer ball around so i will play soccer with them. My MIL is coming today so i can work on my sale stuff again and tonight i work again, i guess i smoked crack when i volunteered for these hours. a funny story from last night christian told Christian to move it when he was walking to the table for supper, then Christian started singing "i like to move it,move it." silly kid.

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Friday, August 8, 2008

3 months already?

its been a little while since i last posted, i guess i've been a little busy with what i don;t know other than having four kids. Today while chris played in a golf tournament we went to Soulard Farmers market as always and then i took the neighbor kids who are older and the kids to the park, the weather is awesome here the kids had a blast and all passed out on the couch for a little while, then we headed to get a bite to eat and came home, then they played outside some more. Audrey has been having some nasty tantrums, ughh i got so mad tonight at her, she really was close to being put to bed by 6pm tonight. I have been by myself all day and night and i am so lonely tonight, feel like i never get out and well just really having a big ole pity party i guess. and what is a bummer is next week is my MOMMES dinner and i have to work i will miss that. We have finally figured out what we are doing for their bday, we are getting a big bounce house from Tribout's and having their party the 21st of September, it is still a month away but i am glad we set a date. Also my resell it sale is coming up and i haven't done much of anything, i am hoping to get some help next week to entertain the triplets so i can get to work on that, maybe i can enlist my hubby also, i'm sure he will be thrilled to help. oh well Hayden slept horrible last night and i just am physically and mentally exhausted, i feel like i did when the triplets were babies, yikes that was bad so off to bed. I watched a bit of the Olympic opening ceremonies tonight, i LOVE the Olympics, don't know why but i love to watch it. off to bed...

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Friday, August 1, 2008

a morning on the farm

On Wednesday morning we headed to my mom's friend jeanette's brother's house for some rides on horses, the kids were so excited especially audrey, for some reason she LOVES horses, but they all wanted to ride on the horses. so we get there and they were getting them ready to ride, Christian says "I don't like big animals, they scare me," WHAT? so he was a little hesitant and tearful until he saw how much fun the girls were having so then he got on with Sarah and thought it was great too. Hayden also got on the horse but for some reason i coudn't post the pic. Another funny story about Christian, last night me,Chris and the kids headed to the gym, CHris and i were finishing up our workouts when the child care lady came up to me, she said your son went to the bathroom and noticed a stain in his underwear and REFUSED to put them back on, so she got him to just put his pants on but he kept walking funny, so i go into the childcare room and christian says 'look' then proceeds to turn around and drop his pants, I could have died, I said, then the other teacher said he proceeded to smell his underwear, now at this point i am thinking i can never show my face in this gym again,, so we get in the car and i talk to Christian and say we don't smell our underwear b/c that is just gross, and he said "but mom,i didn't smell it I just sniffed it" ughhhhh yes it is gross but i still am laughing hilariously b/c it i am so embarrassed, i mean what should i tell the gym teacher we sniff our underwear to make sure it is clean, LOL, I am just kidding but why oh why did he have to smell it, is it b/c he is a man?
So yesterday i treat myself to a new pair of tennis shoes, this time i refuse to pay the money for Nike Shox b;/c i don't think they are any different and i am trying to be frugal i bought a pair for half the price and i wore them to the gym, i am going on with my workout, sweating my butt off and i am thinking, Hmmm my ankle is reallly hurting so i notice two HUGE blisters on my ankle, i have to stop my workout b/c even with the bandaid i just put on they are rubbing like heck, i wore ankle socks and i guess with those shoes i need above the ankle socks. Ugggh i can't work out today my old shoes really make my legs hurt b/'c i have worn them out, and there is no way until this blisters heal can i wear my new ones, i am bummed. so i will just do my squats, abs, and core stuff. It is a big weekend for us, my 15 class reunion is this weekend, it is just at a bar and then we ride in the parade on a float, i bought a black shirt to wear and it will be 98 freaking degrees, i need to pack some water, the guy in our class is in charge of a keg for the float but when it is that hot, beer isn't going to taste good. and tonight we will head up to the Mascoutah Homecoming for the kids to ride some rides, and see some people i haven't seen in ages, I LOVE the Mascoutah Homecoming, it is the one event of the summer i look forward to, that is where i went to highschool. tomorrow night we are going without kids since it will be so hot, last year it was miserable b/c of the heat. Also want to say congrats to Steph as she graduates tomorrow with her bachelor degree, you go girl you worked so hard for it. CONGRATULATIONS.

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