Sunday, July 29, 2007

finger lickin good

its just me and the kids solo for the next couple of days, yikes. My mom cooked some ribs and brought them over for dinner, now i have never eaten ribs at a restaurant before b/c my mom makes awesome ribs and i dont' want to be disappointed. Emma is just like Mikey and likes everything. She ate four ribs. Not much new this weekend, Friday i worked and my incision hurt like hell, i don't take pain relievers usually not even Tylenol or Motrin but i was popping Aleve like they were tic tacs. You ought to see it, looks kinda scary and every time i pick up one of the kids it pulls on my incision and i feel like my ribs are going to pop out. Sat was Chris's 15 year class reunion and that was fun, today me and the kids went to Target and hung out at home. Tomorrow we are going to the gym of course and then the pool.
Good news on the potty front, Audrey is using the potty for poop also. She started on Friday again, yeah! Today she said, Mommy i don't want to poop in my pants, i need to poop on the potty. This coming weekend is Mascoutah Homecoming which i am excited for, the kids love the rides, i like seeing everybody and drinking the cold beer, fish sandwiches, and french fries, so yummy. Have a good week.

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Friday, July 27, 2007


just a quick post to say the mole was removed today, i had ten stitches b/c apparently that is the one area of my body that doesn't have any adipose tissue so the dr also had to do internal sutures. so we will wait for two weeks for the path report to come back and my sutures to come out. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a little thing called retail therapy

so i am upset and needed retail thereapy, its always been a true stress reliever. tonight we all headed off to the mall to exchange pants for Chris, Audrey said she needed her walking shoes, well her Nike Shox that Amanda got her don't fit anymore. I wasn't going to buy them Nike Shox ever b/c they are expensive but once we tried them on their little feet i couldnt' resist, so Emma and Audrey each got a pair. YIKES. chirstian has two pairs which i paid under 20 dollars each for so i figure why not. So i feel better and Emma and Audrey kept saying how much they loved their new shoes. What's a momma to do?
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no pics

i may post more pics later but i am tired and just stressed. The dr's visit went okay, i found out i have eyelid exzema and he gave me some ointments. Secondly he said my mole looks really suscipious and wants to remove it on Friday so i will be going back to the dr's then to have it cut out, i also am working 3-11 on Friday so that kinda sucks. I just want to cry myself to sleep. i haven't felt like touching the camera in a couple of days so maybe after a siesta i will feel better.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

more pictures

today we are going to get back to the pool, we havent' been since last week before Audrey started wearing panties, she was doing great pooping on the potty and then Saturday she has just started pooping in her pants, ughhhhhh. oh well if this is the worst problem in my life right now things are going good, i feel like such a failure b/c she was doing great and then she goes in her pants. and i am a little freaked about a mole that has changed significantly so i am going to the dr tomorrow. I hate going to the dr and stepping on the scale, i know issues but what i am freaked out about is skin cancer, it doesn't run in my family but i am just convinced that i am going to die from it. Hypochondriac i know. anyway Audrey is wearing her dress that she got b/c she has been in panties. Emma and Christian show no interest and i dont' think they ever will. oh well i need to get to the gym.
Last night i went out to eat with Becky and we had a great time, i dont get to talk to her much anymore, i dont get to talk to anybody really anymore. Tonight is my mommes dinner but idiot me scheduled myself to work, work has been crazy. they put me in charge on Sunday, i hate it, i did it up on the old floor i used to work on almost full time and yeah i just don't like it. All hell broke loose on Sunday night and it was a freaking disaster but the supervisor said i did a great job, i didnt' stuff just came together for night shift. I am dreading work, i just want and totally deserve a vacation. I just want a day to lay in bed and read but that is a dream i guesss.

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lots of pictures

Well i havent' been online lately b/c i just am too lazy to post pictures. I got a photoshop book and frankly i still dont' understand it.LOL. so Friday we went to the zoo and then Sunday we went to the park. The first pic is of Emma sliding down the zoo slide, and the next pic is a hat that Emma refused to take off on Saturday. sunday when we went to the park Chris was hanging like a monkey so i took some pictures, and Then Christian wanted to do it to, i love the way Chris is laughing b/c Christian was laughing so hard.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

photo challenge

here are my pics, the first one is Audrey from last year at the zoo playing in the fountains, the next two are from this year. oh well my ice cream is here and i will blog more tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

not much new today

so we stayed home again today i worked on some sale stuff for the mothers of multiples sale in Sept.,, I want to have it done early since we will be on vacation and a couple of the moms want to preshop, yeah. my kids have way too many clothes. Good news on the potty training front, Audrey has not had any accidents and has pooped the past two days on the potty. I am so happy, we took her to pick out some panties and she chose cinderella! big surprise. Tomorrow is MDO, i will go to the gym for at least 1 hour and then come home and work some more on sale stuff, i want it ready to go by August 1st so then i can figure out what we will need for our trip. Tonight the Springer trips came over for a playdate, it was fun, the kids are so adorable and really well behaved, they are 13 months older than mine. Pam had to run home to have somebody check her a.c. so they stayed with me, i had six kids all under the age of four, it was fun but man was it hectic, i seriously had a beer in my hand while i was outside but i couldnt' get it open so i didn't drink it. Her kids are really well behaved and they follow the rules and share when you tell them their turn is next. I got some cute pics of her kids but i don't want to post them on my blog without her permission, i'm sure she wouldn't care but i won't.

this is Audrey i got her in the right light and right facial expression, i give it my thumbs up for the day.
Christian making a face, my camrea settings were screwy so it isn't that clear.
Christian running to see what Lexie and Lanie were doing.
the girls driving in the car, well Audrey was driving, actually she is waving so i'm sure she rear ended the car in front of her.

oh well off to spend time with the hubby.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

no pics today but great news

Audrey peed and pooped on the potty today, all day with no accidents. She didn't pee in her pullup during naptime even. She called me tonight at work to tell me and she was so proud, I am grinning from ear to ear. You were right Amy, and every one else. Geesh I think i will let Emma an d Christian train on their own also, less stress. no gym for us today, i didn't want to push my luck venturing out but we will go tomorrow. Good night, work was CRAZY...

Monday, July 16, 2007

another great day

Not much new here, our typical day the gym and then the pool. Sarah, Meg, and D went with us today and we had a blast, we got to the pool around 1120 and didnt' leave until 345, yes we skipped naps and the kids did great. Now we did that last Monday also and i payed big time for it Tuesday but oh well. I am also happy to report Audrey has been peeing on the potty. She started last week a couple of times with bribery of course. Well after Christain and Emma pooped in their swim diapers last week at the pool which the diapers are a complete waste of money, i keep telling them not to poop in their swim diapers. Well Audrey took that as also not peeing in them, so yesterday she told me she had to hide, aka pee, then she couldnt' so i said she could either go potty i would put a diaper on her, she went potty for the first time ever in public! Then today she peed THREE times at the pool, well she pooped in her swim diaper at the pool which is gross but hey i can't control it, then tonight she wanted panties on and peed again. So we aren't going to the pool tomorrow, i have to work and want to focus on potty training with Audrey so we will attempt the gym, i think and then come home. She did it all on her own, so i will work with the other two later after Audrey is done. Wish me luck tomorrow, i was hesitant on mentioning this on my blog b/c if it doesn't work but oh well the more people supporting me the better. I am so proud of my little girl, and it just goes to show you that kids will potty when they are ready, not when you want them to. Why do i worry about what other people think, they dont' have to live my life or walk in my shoes.

so no pool pics and we wont' be having any soon, with running a little girl to the bathroom the camera is the farthest thing from my mind, thank God Pam and Sarah were there to watch the other two. so this first pic is from last night, Emma makes the goofiest faces, and i love this dress, it is a little short but Emma loves to wear it.
Christian watching Curious George tonight, i just think the lighting is cool.
christian driving the car, my camera was on some weird settings, i am having a hard time adjusting the aperature and ISO speed, i am having a hard time grasping it and it is hard to tell the color on the screen in bright light.
this is what happens when you skip naps, and you fight over swings for Grovers and Babies, Audrey was throwing a tantrum and Emma came up and told her to stop it and then proceeded to wap her in the arm. LOL. they got a little more pissy after i started laughing.

oh well i am reading a book on Martha's Vineyard and then i am going to pick up a little. Good night.
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

i'm back

well this weekend has been busy, yesterday i went shopping and found some great deals, i only bought one shirt for me but i got Chris some new shirts and some stuff for the kids for next summer. I also bought a new Elmo b/c he had disappeared and then when i came home chris said he was on the couch, he wasn't there before so who knows where she found him. The shirt Christian is wearing is a 4T for next summer but he saw that it had french fries on it and wanted to wear it, whatever a power struggle over a 3.00 shirt isn't worth my sanity. The next two pics are of Emma, she is such a happy little girl, well all of them are happy but she loves to play outside, she is going down the slide in the second picture. The last picture is Audrey, its not to clear but i didn't want to leave anyone out for fear of blackmail someday.
Last night we went to Smithon Turner picnic, they had cheap games for the kids and then we ended up buying them these inflatable Dora wands, Christian got a car inflatable hammer thing that they were all hitting each other with, Chris told them they could only hit people we know, then the band started playing so all the kids were dancing and have a great time. I wish i would have brought my camera b/c Connor and the trips were playing so well together. Its so awesome to see kids faces light up when they are having fun, it makes my heart melt. So after two nights of going to bed around nine for the kids and waking up at the same old 7am, meltdowns happened at 11. I asked Chris to put sunscreen on the kiddos around 1030 b/c we going to the pool at 11, well when i came home christian had gotten it in his eye and was overtied and his eye just hurt, I should have told Chris i would do their faces b/c i've somehow learned the trick to not getting it in his eye. Christian freaks if he gets it in his eyes and luckily he wanted to nap at 11 am so then they are all napping now, it is early but there is no way i was going to take one BIG CRAB, and two little crabs to the pool with no nap. so now we will go and spend all afternoon there after their naps.they will be zonked by 8pm tonight. My kids no matter what time they go to bed they still wake up at 7 so we have just learned that 8pm rules and it works for us. Now they sometimes on weekends stay up later but it really screws us the next two days b/c they miss sleep. Chris was getting irritated easily with the kids today, i would have to if i wasnt' at the store but we kind of brought thier crankiness on ourselves by not getting them to bed. Oh well i want to veg a little and maybe even take a nap myself. i might get some pool pictures today.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

photo challenge

Well here is my smells of summer, i took this pic last week b/c the grass smelled so good. I wanted to get pics of Hot Dogs and popcorn at the baseball game but seeing as i how i didn't have my memory card that didn't happen. Not much new here, i went back to work after being off five days and it was bittersweet, we were crazy busy but oh well. were still swimming like fish and hanging out i work again tonight so hopefully i will get more pics tomorrow when we go to a fire dept picnic with rides and stuff.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


okay today we had a great day, Jeanette, Sarah and Travis came over while i ran a couple of errands and then i brought home Fortel's pizza for lunch which i love. Christian took a nap, the girls took forever to fall asleep then woke up within 30 min so off to the pool we went around 230, i was hesitant to go to the pool since it was a little cooler than usual but it ended up being beautiful, we played until 445 and then headed home. Audrey on the way home saw a funeral home that looks like a Victorian house and said that was the castle at Disneyworld, all i could do was laugh b/c that does resemble the castle (much smaller) but i never thought of it that way since it is a funeral home. Hopefully we don't have to take them there and then she say that out loud.

this pic is of the girls, they love these jammies, Audrey LOVES CINDERELLA, that is all the girl wants to wear and i got a good picture of them both looking at me, Emma hardly smiles or looks at the camera anymore so got lucky on this one. Everybody tells me how similar they look but seeing them everyday i think how could people get them confused, but then again i am their mother. They were so sweet today, everybody was, what a difference it makes if i am gone alot, their attitude and mine stinks.

Christian was playing with his hippo that he had lost for awhile and was just laying on the couch staring at it, by the time i grabbed the camera and got the settings the way i wanted them he was laughing at me.

oh and i am so happy usually right before i am ready to start my period i get so moody, and just agitated easily, well today i was cool as a cucumber and believe me they did test my patience, so maybe my prayers have worked to help me relax but this triplet thing is hard. I always wonder if i am favoring one, and i would like some one on one time every once in a while but when i get the chance i need some alone time also.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

exhausting day

okay yesterday i didn't blog b/c one i didn't take any pictures and two i was just plain tired. We went to the gym yesterday and after i am done working out i shower and then get the kids in their swimsuits to to swimming, well when i went to get the kiddos dressed i realized that after packing two different suits for the girls i had two bottoms of the one. so we went home where i showered, gave them lunch that i had already packed and headed to the pool. I met Pam and her triplets who are almost four there, well we got there around 1215pm and didn't leave until 340pm, my kids played so well right through their naps, so they fell asleep in the car and when we got home we played. Lauren babysat the kids while Pam and i went to dinner, then this am i wake up at 630, i did some laundry, packed the kiddos lunch for the pool, packed a swimming bag, packed my gym bag, and then packed the kids in the car. Well we didnt' last too long at the pool, Emma through a tantrum, hit and kick me, yes my sweet little Emma who was for sale but isn't anymore, so i had to get all the kids and walk up the steps to put her in time out in the car, then when we got back Audrey said she wanted to go home. Now we had a little incident with poop in the swim diapers yesteday, yeah disgusting, so i said do not poop in your swim diapers, tell me and i will put a diaper on you. Well i asked audrey if she had to go and she said no, which when we were getting dressed she peed everywhere and started crying, so we headed home for the kids to take a 2.5 hour nap, that is giant for my kids who luckily will nap for an hour, i had to wake them up. Well Audrey wore panties tonight and peed on the potty a ton one time and then proceeded to pee on the floor 5 minutes later and was crying. i told her i would give her soda if she peed on the potty. and i gave her the Cinderella Barbie, well Emma sat on the potty for 30 min and peed a little and was crying for her Barbie also so i had to give her one. Well poor Christian who has peed on the potty occasionally wanted a Barbie, so Chris got out some of his old firetrucks and gave them to Christain which he loved hence the pics.

so since Pam had surgery i don't know when i am going to potty train the kids. according to triplet moms they say to wait until they are three, other people ask me and look at me like i have three heads which then i politely explain if they think they can do it go right ahead. I would love to have somebody potty train my kids. Hee hee i can hear Christian playing iwth the ladder on the firetruck and he is in bed. sorry i am just scared that i will screw this up and i dont know when the best time to do it is before or after our trip, i mean can you imagine when all three have to go potty right now on the airplane? anyway i am stressing myself out about this and i have no control over it.
Anywho i am reading the Proper Care and FEeding of Husbands and it is very good with good points, and i have come to realize that i piss myself off about people, i expect them to be like me and when they aren't it ticks me off, where i need to accept them for what and who they are. For instance one of my friends i thought was selfish but thats just the way she is and doesnt mean to be like that, i have accepted her so why does Chris little idiosyncrasies tick me off, i need to accept him for who he is. I've realized that men are simple and they don't over analyze everything. I am at the point again or maybe just PMSINg where i evaulate relationships in my life, friendships whatever and am at the point that it is a whole lot of work but it can't be a one way street. So anyway now i am babbling on and on.

Anyway my exhausting day wasn't so exhausting until some lady told me at the pool how tired she gets from just watching me, then i realized this is a whole lot of work but I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN, without help where some people cant even handle one child, and secondly you just do it so i will apply that to potty training when it comes time to do it, I will just do it and look at it like if this is the worst problem in my life i have it pretty easy. Good Night.

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

hot days of summer

this morning i took the kiddos outside b/c i was going to the baseball game later so i thought 930 am it wont be that bad, wrong, it is so humid. so the kids did play i didn't melt from the heat but i sure have one heck of a headache. the girls were riding their bikes this am. the next two pics are cute b/c i gave them popsicles and Audrey went and sat down by Christian, now these two fight like cats and dogs but they do show love for each other sometimes. then i was asked by my friend Cathy to go to the baseball game, free tickets, free food, and free beer but i didnt' drink cause i thought i had to work, and best part it was in the suite so i got to sit in ac and eat some great free food. i brought my camera to get some photos for the challenge and when i went to take a pic it said no CF card, ughhhh. anyway i had a blast and then we were low census finally so i got to take the whole evening off, after working like a dog this past week, i realized i pushed myself a little too much and my kids behavior was showing that mommy wasn't home alot. Christain was a stinker when Amanda and Bill visited, i mean he was wild, the wild that he was when he was on steroids from having an asthma exacerbation. i havent seen him that rough and wild, and frankly i didn't like it at all. I was super embarrassed b/c my child was out of control. HOnestly Amanda i have never seen him like that without steroids and i apologize. so anyway i am going to veg, it is much needed.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

swimming pics from today

this is Allison playing with Christian in the pool, thankfully Ashley and allison watched the kiddos so i could run to Target, i am very short on babysitters for the next three weeks, yikes.

christian was really enjoying his yogurt.

Audrey attempting to surf.

Audrey told Emma to get on her back for a piggy ride as they call it, thought the story was cute, picture is not that great.
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