Sunday, July 15, 2007

i'm back

well this weekend has been busy, yesterday i went shopping and found some great deals, i only bought one shirt for me but i got Chris some new shirts and some stuff for the kids for next summer. I also bought a new Elmo b/c he had disappeared and then when i came home chris said he was on the couch, he wasn't there before so who knows where she found him. The shirt Christian is wearing is a 4T for next summer but he saw that it had french fries on it and wanted to wear it, whatever a power struggle over a 3.00 shirt isn't worth my sanity. The next two pics are of Emma, she is such a happy little girl, well all of them are happy but she loves to play outside, she is going down the slide in the second picture. The last picture is Audrey, its not to clear but i didn't want to leave anyone out for fear of blackmail someday.
Last night we went to Smithon Turner picnic, they had cheap games for the kids and then we ended up buying them these inflatable Dora wands, Christian got a car inflatable hammer thing that they were all hitting each other with, Chris told them they could only hit people we know, then the band started playing so all the kids were dancing and have a great time. I wish i would have brought my camera b/c Connor and the trips were playing so well together. Its so awesome to see kids faces light up when they are having fun, it makes my heart melt. So after two nights of going to bed around nine for the kids and waking up at the same old 7am, meltdowns happened at 11. I asked Chris to put sunscreen on the kiddos around 1030 b/c we going to the pool at 11, well when i came home christian had gotten it in his eye and was overtied and his eye just hurt, I should have told Chris i would do their faces b/c i've somehow learned the trick to not getting it in his eye. Christian freaks if he gets it in his eyes and luckily he wanted to nap at 11 am so then they are all napping now, it is early but there is no way i was going to take one BIG CRAB, and two little crabs to the pool with no nap. so now we will go and spend all afternoon there after their naps.they will be zonked by 8pm tonight. My kids no matter what time they go to bed they still wake up at 7 so we have just learned that 8pm rules and it works for us. Now they sometimes on weekends stay up later but it really screws us the next two days b/c they miss sleep. Chris was getting irritated easily with the kids today, i would have to if i wasnt' at the store but we kind of brought thier crankiness on ourselves by not getting them to bed. Oh well i want to veg a little and maybe even take a nap myself. i might get some pool pictures today.

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Jennifer said...

Those are some CUTE pics of all three, but I especially like the ones of Emma. We had fun last night. Connor was actually playing in front of a whole group. Can you believe it? He did not wake up until 11:00am, he was one tired boy. Well, I am off to go outside, since he's been asking since he woke up.

Amanda said...

I hope your kiddos take a good nap today so they will be enjoyable at the pool this afternoon. We've figured that out too...keeping kids up later does NOT mean they sleep later. Just means they are over tired and their sleep isn't as good either.

Great photos of the kids by the way. I still can't get over how big they are already. :)

AmyWhit said...

Such cute kids. I, too, love the ones of Emma. =) Hope you enjoyed your afternoon at the pool.