Monday, July 16, 2007

another great day

Not much new here, our typical day the gym and then the pool. Sarah, Meg, and D went with us today and we had a blast, we got to the pool around 1120 and didnt' leave until 345, yes we skipped naps and the kids did great. Now we did that last Monday also and i payed big time for it Tuesday but oh well. I am also happy to report Audrey has been peeing on the potty. She started last week a couple of times with bribery of course. Well after Christain and Emma pooped in their swim diapers last week at the pool which the diapers are a complete waste of money, i keep telling them not to poop in their swim diapers. Well Audrey took that as also not peeing in them, so yesterday she told me she had to hide, aka pee, then she couldnt' so i said she could either go potty i would put a diaper on her, she went potty for the first time ever in public! Then today she peed THREE times at the pool, well she pooped in her swim diaper at the pool which is gross but hey i can't control it, then tonight she wanted panties on and peed again. So we aren't going to the pool tomorrow, i have to work and want to focus on potty training with Audrey so we will attempt the gym, i think and then come home. She did it all on her own, so i will work with the other two later after Audrey is done. Wish me luck tomorrow, i was hesitant on mentioning this on my blog b/c if it doesn't work but oh well the more people supporting me the better. I am so proud of my little girl, and it just goes to show you that kids will potty when they are ready, not when you want them to. Why do i worry about what other people think, they dont' have to live my life or walk in my shoes.

so no pool pics and we wont' be having any soon, with running a little girl to the bathroom the camera is the farthest thing from my mind, thank God Pam and Sarah were there to watch the other two. so this first pic is from last night, Emma makes the goofiest faces, and i love this dress, it is a little short but Emma loves to wear it.
Christian watching Curious George tonight, i just think the lighting is cool.
christian driving the car, my camera was on some weird settings, i am having a hard time adjusting the aperature and ISO speed, i am having a hard time grasping it and it is hard to tell the color on the screen in bright light.
this is what happens when you skip naps, and you fight over swings for Grovers and Babies, Audrey was throwing a tantrum and Emma came up and told her to stop it and then proceeded to wap her in the arm. LOL. they got a little more pissy after i started laughing.

oh well i am reading a book on Martha's Vineyard and then i am going to pick up a little. Good night.
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Jennifer said...

The girls are too funny!! Cute pics. Yay Audrey, you are becoming such a big girl. I will cross my fingers for you tomorrow. Good luck!!

Amanda said...

Yay Audrey for going pee on the potty. I'm so proud of you little girl. :)

I'm jealous of your "hours" at the pool. Today we barely got an hour in before crankiness set in BOTH of them. Normally though we only stay 2.

Your story of the girls being pissy made me LOL! :)

AmyWhit said...

Congrats on the potty training! My advice is don't force it. Honestly, it's just not worth the hassle. Riley's ped. told me that by the time he turned 3 he would have trained himself, and you know what....he did! It sounds like Audrey has decided she's ready, and that's great. Hopefully the other two will follow her lead and it won't be stressful for you. However, I would think that just a trip to the bathroom in a public place would be quite a production if you have all three of them by yourself! LOL. I wish you good luck with that!

Love the last two pics. The one of the girls made me laugh out loud after reading your story.

Stephanie said...

Awesome on the potty training front!!! Love the pictures those girls are too funny. I could tellyou some horror stories from this weekend about a 10 and 13 yr old oh my!!!
We missed you guys while we were gone see you soon!!