Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Hayden

My how time flies, I truly can not believe my baby is 2. And as the time is flying blogging has been on the back burner for awhile, I don't take nearly as many pictures as I used to. I haven't even downloaded the ones from his party becasuse my camera is in my tornado bag ready to go if we get a tornado along with some cash and my running shoes. You ask why would I have running shoes in my bag, well who doesn't want to go running immediately after a tornado, HA. nope its b/c i have now resorted to flip flops every day and there would be a lot of debris everywhere so i would need shoes that cover my feet. I guess maybe I should also throw some bottled water in there too : )
Hayden I love you more than words can say, you have completed our family and I hope you always find happiness in what you do! Hayden LOVES firetrucks, his party was at the firehouse and all he wanted to do was sit in the fire trucks ,then when it came time to opening gifts the first one he opened was a firetruck and didn't want to open anything else, Chris was a little mad but I said who cares, its his party let him play with it, nobody cares. We had a firetruck cake, Im not even going to go even further, I was disappointed in this cake that i paid 40 dollars for that looked like i decorated it. any questions,ask Jen or Steph about it. All that mattered is Hayden loved it b/c it had a firetruck on it. Hayden is in the stage of INTO EVERYTHING, i clean up he comes behind me and makes it messy, how did i ever do this with three of them. Really? He is saying alot of words, knows all the different trucks, still not putting two words together like some of my other friends kids this age and younger, but that is okay. He is my 2nd okay 4th but you know what i mean and I am not stressing about this, I was so excited for the triplets to talk and that is when the sass started, so we are doing just fine.
christian, emma and audrey are officially registered for Kindergarten at St Teresa's school, it was a hard decision but I prayed over it and am happy with our decision. they are getting so big and are great kids. They are good helpers, usually well behaved except when it comes to climbing my living room pillars. They did this when my mom was here and then my mom told me so I casually got them to divulge that they were climbing them, too cute. Really this is not what goes on in my house while i sit and eat bon bons all day.
We are going to hilton head this summer for our vacation and can't wait, the house looks AMAZING, pool, hot tub, elevator (why?) themed rooms. can't wait, and Hayden will be going to MDO this summer so I can have some uniterrupted time with the trips.
Running is going great completed two half marathons, and have 3 more to do this fall, with one being a girls trip to Vermont! Life is awesome but busy!
Happy Birthday Hayden!
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