Saturday, June 30, 2007

just pics

okay i am not going to blog today b/c nothing exciting happened today so far. but here are some pics i took today. Happy Saturday.
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Friday, June 29, 2007

rainy day

this morning my cleaning lady came, she hasnt been here in a month and i always find it harder to keep up on stuff unless she's been here. Its easier to justify lets keep it nice since i just payed money versus well i didn't pay money so no biggie. then off to the gym we went after the gym we joined Belleville Library. Now i was saying prayers that taking my three two year olds into the library would not get us banished, and it didnt' but Emma almost took out a whole row of books, good think i had lots of painful contractions with the kids that my deep breathing came in handy in the library. LOL but they were good for the most part, we got two movies, some books for the kids and joined the reading club. I wanted to check out some books for myself also but if you keep the kids happy you keep mommy happy also. Next week i will get some books for me. The girls were watching Toy Story II, i wanted toy story I but they didn't have it, i am getting the kids ready for Disney next year and also getting them out of my hair for a little bit. Emma actually smiled for me in the next picture and Christian is too busy watching TV to even look at me. Oh well i work tonight that is why i'm doing this post early.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

cute boy for sale

okay Christian has always been a mommy's boy, from the time he was one month old he always wanted me,he was just this sweet boy, very passive, easy going, okay lazy, boy. What the he$% happened in the last week, he is headbutting, ramming his body into people and just a little roughhouser. He isn't ticked when he is doing this, he is just laughing and giggling but he hurts me. Today he bit Audrey HARD, i know Audrey has left ALOT of battle wounds on this guy but she has welts and it was bleeding a little, i don't know what started the whole battle but when i heard Audrey's pain cry i knew the beast had come out. He is cute, our neighbor just came by for a little bit and she said, "ah just a typical boy" i mean what the heck, Thank God he isn't on steroids he would be a beast then. So i will give him to you as long as i can have him in the mornings when he wakes up, he always comes into our room and says "Good Morning" so he is plesant.

so not much today i was a bad girl and didn't do the gym i went but left, i am sore and just lazy but i will go the next three days so no biggie. Tonight for snack we had Carmel Waffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen and oh my gosh it was the bomb, not a big caramel fan but you can't taste it, it had bits of the dipping stuff for dip cones, waffle bowl pieces, oh my gosh it was soooooooo Good. Today for MDO i ran to the mall and scored with some big time bargains at childrens place. oh well the cleaning lady comes tomorrow and i want to be ready and packed to go to the gym when she gets here so i better get off this computer.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

no pics today

okay that is somewhat of a fib i did take pics but i am too lazy to download them tonight. I have been having one of those take a step back and look at how lucky you are tonight. One of the moms in my triplet group who has 16 month trips is diagnosed with a disease that leaves you temp paralzyed, the recover time can take up to a year. she is in intensvie care and can't feel her limbs and her speech is slurred. All day even at the gym i just wanted to break down. I just thought how lucky i am to feel pain in my knees from running, how lucky i am to hug my kids tightly, how lucky i am to not be at a hospital(as a patient or visitor). there just isnt' enough time in a day to truly realize how lucky we are, often we are just sitting there thinking of what we haven't done, what we need to do, and how busy we are. When was the last time you just sat and thought of something positive you did today. I tend to think of what i didnt' accomplish.

One of my goals for this lifetime is to make a difference in peoples' lives, I know i make a difference in my family's life. Do i make a difference in the grocery clerks' day, my freinds day or even the driver behind me day. Today i saw a lady at the gym who has a child with down syndrome, who lost her husband three years ago in a car accident, she is young around my age and she just gave me the biggest smile ever, like a smile that lit up a room and made you smile b/c she is the type of person who makes you want to do a Pay it Forward with a smile. So in this confusing blog post my goal for tomorrow is to make a difference in somebody's day or acknowledge a person and give them a compliment that they werent' expecting. Or i could have made sense and just said i want to do unto others as you would have done to you. So to those blog readers even if you don't post my challenge to you is to do some kind of pay it forward or just make somebody's day who is feeling down and then let me know that you accept the challenge and what you did, come on it will make your smile light up that room!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Aunt Pam

Aunt Pam is here today and ahh it is heaven. This morning my mom and i went to get the kids DVD players for our trip, i was going to get a dual and a single but i ended up getting all single, the kids will eventually want to watch their own movies and it was the same price as both. Then we went to Sams and brought home salads for my mom, Pam and I and the kids had pizza. Well as you can see Emma ate my salad, hey she likes her veggies. The next picture Christian was hamming it up for the camera. Aunt Pam is very crafty and good at sewing the dresses she is making that look exactly like PBK for the girls is too cute, and here she is making little tulle skirts for the girls, she didnt' have enough material to make one for christian though, she asked what she should make him and i said might as well make a skirt also, if the girls are twirling around in it he is going to want one too, i told Chris and he doesn't care as long as we dont' have a field trip to Target in it. LOL so i am working today and tomorrow we will hit the pool, we had to leave early yesterday since it started raining. oh well off to straighten my hair.

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Monday, June 25, 2007


yesterday am i took the kids outside to play, it was so HUMID i thought i was going to dehydrate, it was awful, it started raining after i took these two pictures. The girls in the car i loved b/c Audrey asked Emma if she wanted to go to the store with her, so it was a kodak moment. The last picture Emma was playing in the blinds and when i told her no she shot me this look so i really am digging this picture. Yesterday after naps we tried to go to the pool where it rained some more, then last night we went out to eat with Katie and John in Smithon, it was so yummy. I love going out to eat which we rarely ever do with the kiddos, oh well saves us some money. Then last ngiht i got called in on call from 7p-11pm, yucky especially since i didn't know i was on call, that surprise isn't the nicest. have a good day.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

some more of this little guy

okay here are some more that i am liking better after playing around, if anybody can dr these up in photoshop or make them better let me know. we have photoshop elements and i haven't figured it out and dont' have the time or patience. email me at for any help. thanks

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Friday, June 22, 2007


this little guy came over for an experimental photo shooot, i'm not thrilled with my skills or lack of but these i thought were photo worthy, i hope his mom likes some of them. He is a sweet baby and Emma loved him. WE had a very nice visit, the pizza was great and so was the new fav ice cream by Edy's, AMerican Idol take the cake, it tastes like yellow cake batter and rocks. oh well off to bed. I also got to chat with Amanda on the phone this evening, it was a good evening for catching up with oldie but goodie freinds. thanks guys for cheering me up!
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

things are going better

today was a much better day, well last night started it with getting better. I think i just needed a night out with my MOMMES group to refresh me. We had a ton of fun last night, i got to meet a mom who has sextuplets who are three, really can't complain to her how crazy the days get with the pool, she would have laughed at me. Probably not she is pretty down to earth. Today was MDO and then Chris's mom came with us to the pool around 3, the kids had a blast and now daddy is doing his workout with the kids, they invited me to come along but i worked out today already and i like to workout in ac, it is hot and humid here. After the kids ate dinner i gave them baths and i took these pics of Audrye and Emma "swimming" i love the middle one, these were the first pics i've taken in a couple of days. Oh well off to clean some more, Amy and Kim are coming by for dinner tomorrow evening and i want the house to look presentable. I haven't been to dinner with them in a long while and looking forward to it,its always nice to get together with friends you don't spend time with often. tomorrow is gym, swim lessons and swimming another busy day. thank goodness i can sit in the pool with the kiddos, its going to be another hot one.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

in a big funk

okay no pics today i am in a big funk and i don't feel like taking pictures. My kids are being great and thank God for them, i just feel like i am down and don't know how to get up. I am going to dinner tonight with my MOMMES group so maybe that will cheer me up. Today we went swimmng at Melissa's house and did lunch with Chris and John it was a fun day. tomorrow is errand city and MDO for the kids which after school we are going to go swimmng again. Maybe pics tomorrow.

Monday, June 18, 2007

cool days of summer

well this am it looked like it was going to rain so i just packed my gym bag to still shower at the gym and then we would go to Farmers Market. Well we come out of the gym and the sun is out in full force, so we hit Farmers Market for some grapes, they are delicious and a couple of other items and then head home. We played outside and downstairs today, the weather is gorgeous. I feel bad for not taking them to the pool but i wasn;t packed for it and i hated to make the trip back to the pool when i already have to go into work at 3. Gas is cheaper but i am trying to only fill up my tank every two weeks, i have a new budget in mind, lets see if it works.
the first pic is Emma she insisted on carrying this tennis ball all around today so i let her.
this is Audrey peaking at me, her hair was blowing and i thinkg the pic is cute, i should probalby try and lighten the picture more.
Audrey looking out the window at Emma, Audrey and Christian wanted to go in early so Emma still wanted to play, i was right by the door.

oh well off to work for me for four hours. I think it is crazy busy at work, hope i get off in time, Linda is staying until 730 when i get home. My mom has the stomach flu still.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

a great day

well today was quite busy, this am we all packed up and went to the pool, Chris had a blast with the kids and they LOVED him being at the pool, Audrey who normally is a mommy's girl was like, I want Daddy to do it, fine by me. Tonight before bed she kept saying "Happy Fathers Day Daddy" completely uncoaxed, she needed her diaper changed fifteen minutes after going to bed and before bed she said it again, Chris's heart completely melted, I think that would have been the time to ask him for anything she ever wanted. LOL This afternoon Chris had to cut grass and then around five we went to our nieces Caitlin's b-day party who turned twelve. The first picture is Adam, Caitlin's brother he is a good kid and was proud of his tatoo. Emma and Audrey were having a hayday in the backyard at the party and Chris was blowing bubbles for Christian. Christian is terrified of dogs, they have this small puppy and Christian was so scared of it, he kept crying and wanting to get away from the dog who didn't even go near him. The last pic is Audrey eating cake and sitting on my lap, i have a lame expression but i was facing the hot sun and couldnt' see real well.

I also am excited to hear from my grade school and high school friend Meg, i got an email from her today, she lives in Chicago so hopefully we will be chatting via email often. Hi Meg, glad you also are following on my blog! Welcome.

oh well i am exhausted. the kids spent the night at my moms on Friday for our anniversary and my mom started vomiting last night so please keep your fingers crossed that we dont' get it, i can handle almost any sickness except the stomach flu, three kids puking all over my house is something i don't long for. oh well happy fathers day. Happy Fathers Day to Chris, your a great dad!

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Friday, June 15, 2007


okay the pic below is supposed to be today's picture. It is supposed to say Happy Anniversary Chris! We are going out to eat this evening and then to the movies I think we are going to see Knocked Up. The Davis's are also joining us, Chris and i think the more the merrier. The kiddos are at Gammies tonight having a blast I'm sure. I miss them but can't wait for adult interaction and sleeping in till 8am, i need to get up and clean. Not much new here, we went swimming today the kids had their first lessons and Christian is a good listener, b/c he followed all of their directions. Also their teacher told me they are the best kids in the class at MDO, she said they listen very well, and always do what the teacher says, WHAT? i guess it is better for them to be well behaved in public than at home, but why do they make a liar out of me? oh well we have a busy weekend planned, whats new it is summer time!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

mama has her mojo back

well my funk has ended. I figured out what was wrong, after being on the treadmill this am i realized i didnt' have my exercise high. I hadn't worked out this week b/c i was sick and i felt extremely better at the start of my workout. The kids were up super early this am so we hit the gym at 830 and i worked out and then took them to school. After i dropped them off i came home and took a shower, got my new 29.95 glasses, well ordered them, and then did some shopping. nothing for me of course but oh well. It kinda freaks me out about the cheap glasses b/c why are they so cheap, i usually go to Wally world and there they are 60 some dollars at the very least, hopefully i will see out of them okay. Tomorrow is our five year anniversary, yikes i can't believe it has been five years, we have had our large share of ups and downs, but we click well together. Not many marriages can survive triplets. LOL
so the pictures, this is Emma having a snack after school, i love that look it is my fav look of miss Emma's, shes up to something. Never mind the clutter but its hard to keep a clean house.
this is Christian on Metro Link, oh we took them on Metro tonight and then to the Spaghetti Factory, John, Katie and Cathy also went, we had fun, the kids did pretty well for our long wait. He was so excited on Metro Link but i think the ride was a tad long, i get motion sickness and still am not feeling well.
My husband took these next two pictures, i like the one of the arch in teh background. The next picture i posted b/c i like my arm definitioin in this one, i am extremely negative of my body (i know issues) and i am trying to find things i LIKE about my body and my arms in this pic is one of them. never mind the tongue sticking out i am trying to pick Emma up over Audrey, no wonder why my back hurts. oh well good night.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

22 fingers and 20 toes

so your probably wondering why the odd number of fingers. well today has been a bad day, i have been pissy at my kids,not only b/c they constantly pick at one another but it has been picking on my nerves. I am pmsing big time and i have yelled alot at my kids and feel like white trash mother of the year but hey my kids all said I love you at bedtime and i got big smiles so hopefully i don't screw them up to bad. so this am i tried to convert my negative energy into painting my toes, well then Audrey wanted her toes done and i painted their fingernails for the first time ever also. Call me a bad girly girl mother but painting all those wiggly fingers is just not my idea of fun. so the girls loved having their nails painted and Audrey is modeling in the first picture and Emma is in the second picture. Needless to say my son is bouncing off the walls while i am doing this b/c he is getting frequent respiratory treamtents again and is all hyped up, i mean the big napper boy didnt' even take a nap b/c he was so jacked up. Anywho he saw what i was doing and wanted his nails painted, and i did, i painted two of his nails b/c how am i going to explain to a two year old that only drag queens paint their nails, so gentlemen i did not make my son gay, the only gay i made him was happy that he got to do what his sisters do. I told Chris what i did and he didnt' say anything, i think he was just glad i removed it before i took him swimming. So tell your husbands if you want they can make fun of Christian all that they want but the look of excitement on all my kids faces that they got to do something new was priceless. Yes i still am pissy. LOL so i am going to get off of the computer and read my prevention magazine and dream big for the kids going to school tomorrow. Later.

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