Monday, June 4, 2007

2nd set of circus pics

check below for the other pictures, all of these Chris took, i like this first one b/c what in the heck is Audrey poking Emma in the eye for, Emma looks pretty ticked off. LOL the next one is Christian checking the tigers. The next two are my friend Pam's kids, they are triplets also, Lucas was a ham for the camera, and i think the next one is Lexie.

Funny story from today, i have been wanting another coverup for the girls or else some knit dresses, like the knit rompers that Carter's has but they don't have any dresses like that so off to WAlly world we went. Well i parked one car over from the cart corral and i like to put them all in the cart in the beginning otherwise we will be there forever, so i open the sliding door as i am grabbing a cart, Audrey starts yelling "Somebody help me, get me outta here, and it was loud, I could have died" My mom said how did she know to yell that, I guess when i leave her in the car all the time she figured it out. Just kidding, how did she figure out to announce to the crowded dr's office waiting rooom that christian has a penis. so oh well i need to start winding down, be sure to check the post below.

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Stephanie said...

Yeah Emma looks a little ticked off. Pam and Curts kids are so big goodness I think it was a year ago I saw them or at least it seems.(Panorama)