Saturday, June 23, 2007

some more of this little guy

okay here are some more that i am liking better after playing around, if anybody can dr these up in photoshop or make them better let me know. we have photoshop elements and i haven't figured it out and dont' have the time or patience. email me at for any help. thanks

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Stephanie said...

Dana he is just adorable you got such good pictures of him. I am no help as I have photoshop and have no clue how to use it either. Amy is going to love those.

Amanda said...

I really like that first one a lot. Was someone next to you getting his attention? If so next time try to have them stand as close to your head/camera as possible. It's a little tricky but then you will have better eye contact. Just trying to help...I hope you know that. :)

Jennifer said...

I totally see John in that little guy. He is such a cutie.