Tuesday, June 5, 2007

another day at the pool

today we went to the pool again after much debating on my own part. I work 3-11 tonight and something about getting all three dressed, sunscreened,earplugs, undressed, loaded, etc., makes me tired let alone sitting in the direct sun helping kids jump in the pool etc,. i do work hard with my kids. so we went anyway we either sit at home in the pool or site outside so we went and the kids just enjoy the snacks i bring as much as swimming. oh well sorry this is short, off to work.
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Stephanie said...

Cute picture they are going to be sun gods this summer(with sunscreen)!!! Hopefully work isn't too hectic tonight. Props to you for biting the bullet and not taking the easy road and heading home(not that that would have been easy either).

Jennifer said...

I envy you for all of your strength and devotion with the kids. I just don't know how you do it everyday, all day.

Amanda said...

You go girl! 3 kids at the pool by yourself. Two isn't bad at all especially since one isn't mobile, yet! LOL I'm loving the pool this year too.