Wednesday, June 27, 2007

no pics today

okay that is somewhat of a fib i did take pics but i am too lazy to download them tonight. I have been having one of those take a step back and look at how lucky you are tonight. One of the moms in my triplet group who has 16 month trips is diagnosed with a disease that leaves you temp paralzyed, the recover time can take up to a year. she is in intensvie care and can't feel her limbs and her speech is slurred. All day even at the gym i just wanted to break down. I just thought how lucky i am to feel pain in my knees from running, how lucky i am to hug my kids tightly, how lucky i am to not be at a hospital(as a patient or visitor). there just isnt' enough time in a day to truly realize how lucky we are, often we are just sitting there thinking of what we haven't done, what we need to do, and how busy we are. When was the last time you just sat and thought of something positive you did today. I tend to think of what i didnt' accomplish.

One of my goals for this lifetime is to make a difference in peoples' lives, I know i make a difference in my family's life. Do i make a difference in the grocery clerks' day, my freinds day or even the driver behind me day. Today i saw a lady at the gym who has a child with down syndrome, who lost her husband three years ago in a car accident, she is young around my age and she just gave me the biggest smile ever, like a smile that lit up a room and made you smile b/c she is the type of person who makes you want to do a Pay it Forward with a smile. So in this confusing blog post my goal for tomorrow is to make a difference in somebody's day or acknowledge a person and give them a compliment that they werent' expecting. Or i could have made sense and just said i want to do unto others as you would have done to you. So to those blog readers even if you don't post my challenge to you is to do some kind of pay it forward or just make somebody's day who is feeling down and then let me know that you accept the challenge and what you did, come on it will make your smile light up that room!



Stephanie said...

Challenge do make a difference I am a better person because of you! Thank you Dana!!

Jennifer said...

I agree...Challenge accepted too!! You are a great person inside and out.

Amanda said...

A! I can do that, but mine will have to be tomorrow! Dana you are an awesome friend! You truly are. :)

I added Liz and her family to the prayer list at my Bible study today. I figured the more people praying for them the better. :)