Monday, February 25, 2008

Emma is in the hospital

so Sunday Emma was increasingly letharigic and just not well, she was constantly coughing and her fever of five days wasn't coming down at all. I called the Dr and we started her on respiratory treatments every four hours, I listened to her lungs that sounded like crap and told Chris i wasn't convinced that we wouldn't end up in the ER at some point in the day, she fell asleep after finally eating lunch, hence the picture which EMma nevers falls asleep anywhere but bed. After her afternoon treatment she kept couging with no end in sight so off to the ER we went, we got there and her oxygen level was 90% normal (98 and higher) so she got three more treatments, xray,and an IV and the diagnosis is pnuemonia, she was on oxygen until today when being the nurse i am i weaned her off around 3pm, well CHris just called and her sats are back down to 89-90 without the oxygen, if she can't stay off the oxygen by Wed, the dr said he is shipping her to St. Louis, so please say prayers she gets better and doesn't have to go, i don't think i can handle much more stress, i am a pregnant hormonal third trimester, exhausted woman and may just flood the metro east with tears. I have never seen Emma so sick in her life, I stayed with her last night and am sleep deprived so things are appearing much worse, Chris is with her tonight so i could sleep and see the other two and go to my Dr's appt in the am, i cried leaving Emma tonight, i am so torn between the kids right now. I've always stayed with them at the hospital but i know that physically i can't do it. It sucks everybody's kids are sick this time of year and i am sorry to complain b/c i know it could be so much worse but i feel a little better for venting, i am off for a much needed shower and lay on our new mattress which i love. Hope tonight is good b/c Audrey is starting again with the cough and fever so i hope we dont end up with number two in the hospital. Have a great night.
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

no new pics

well i haven't taken my camera out lately, i have been super busy cleaning out our dresser and chest of drawers, good news we sold our bedroom set, bad news it is going this Saturday am, so i had two days notice. Let me tell you i worked like a dog to empty everything out, Chris was nice enough to get the crap under the bed out and vacuum. So today i had to run to Target get storage containers to live out of till our new set arrives, buy king size sheets, and just do the errands i thought i would get done while the kids were in MDO. It is sleeting here with possibliltiy of ice so probably no MDO tomorrow either, bummer b/c i have a lot of more errands that i could do but we will be stuck inside which may be good for the wallet, LOL.

Audrey now swims on her own, i looked up from the window on Tuesday and there she was swimming the pool with Emma, so we will do swim lessons again, i just need to get there to register again if this ice goes away. Last night was my MOMMES dinner and i laughed pretty hard, we talk about some funny stuff, embarrassed our waitress and probably offended half the people around us but it was a good time. We talk about everything and i mean EVERYTHING!

oh well i better relieve Chris, he is upstairs with the kiddos while i am posting on my blog. only 8 more days till the big 33, yikes i am thirtysomething. Now i just need to figure out where i want to eat on my birthday, i think maybe Mosaic which looks like a trendy place and then we are going to the new casino in St. Louis.j

Monday, February 18, 2008

busy weekend

so the only pictures i took this weekend were of our current bedroom set we are going to attempt to sell, we ordered a king size this weekend, woohoo and we moved the computer desk downstairs, it was upstairs in our guest room but we are cleaning out for the baby. so Wed my project is to clean out the old desk so Chris can dump it Thursday night before the cleaning lady comes. I also have been finishing up for my resell it sale, i think i am done, just have two more cards to pin and then i am ready to go. tomorrow is the kids last swim lesson so i do want to bring my camera for that, hopefully i can post pics, i work again tomorrow, on call WEd and Friday and it is CRAZY busy in our special care nursery so it looks like i will be getting called in. off to bed, i am completely exhausted from work and i get to do it all over again tomorrow. good night!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

candy girl

the kids had to open all thier loot from thier party today, Christian and Audrey wouldn't even look at me so all you get is Emma, this was like her fifth sucker but she was loving it. see post below also.

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good reason for no picture

well my cough turned worse and i worked 3-7 yesterday, i was hacking so much that apparenlty my uterus wanted to start contracting, so after work they hooked me up to the monitor and lo and behold i was having few irregualr contractions most likely due to the coughing. Turns out i have bronchitis, i do really feel fine except just tired, so they gave me some terbutaline to rest my uterus and it also acts as opening up the bronchioles, well take that at nine pm and try and sleep. so now i am on a z pack, albuterol inhaler, and tamiflu, he also gave me a script for terbutaline that i am not going to have filled right now, i think the contractions are from coughing and not drinking enough. oh well off to finish getting the kids ready for school, then come home pay bills and rest. I am supposed to work again tonight, really i feel fine but i will see what the dr thinks. Happy Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

thank goodness for Tamiflu

ughh my dr put me on Tamiflu preventively on Monday, by Monday night i felt like yucky, Tuesday i woke up with the worst headache ever, chills, fever, body aches, and a cough so nice that if you have ever been around a heavy smoker i put them to shame. Yesterday was awful but i feel so much better today and i really think the Tamiflu helped, Christian still isnt' up to par and Emma is feeling kinda warm so who knows. here are more pics from Disney. overall it was a great time, my only disappointment was that i didnt' expect it to be that crowded for Feb, but seeing Disney through a kids eyes is unforgettable, i so wish we were going back in September but going with a 5month old doesnt' sound that appealing. oh well i am back to work today and may have Chris take my welcome to the third trimester picture tonight, so maybe check back later for another post.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

more disney pics

so here is my recap from the trip. ON saturday 2/2 we flew out of St. Louis on the 355 flight, the kids did awesome watched their DVD players the entire time, we finally got to our hotel around 9pm and finally got something to eat, we were all a little pissy by then just checking in and just overall exhausted and hungry. WE stayed at the French Quarter the first night, the room was just kind of dirty and small, luckily we moved to the Riverside on Sunday where our room was so much better. Sunday we went to Magic Kingdom before heading to Epcot to meet my Inlaws. It was hot, i was sweating, and so crowded so all the kids got to do was ride the merry go round, and we stood in line for Ariel who is the little mermaid and Christian's favorite character for 50 min before we had to leave to get to Epcot in time, we didnt' even get close to Ariel. ughhhhhhhh. Then we walked around Epcot eating lunch at the coral reef, okay food wasn't impressed and then walked all around epcot, The pics from yesterday was where we got that big pretzel in Germany (part of Epcot) Audrey threw a fit b/c she wanted a pretzel, well we all shared and she threw the piece i gave her on the ground b/c she was mad and wanted the whole thing, i at that point wanted to pay somebody to take her away, she was being so three year old! i also have a pic of that later to come. ON monday we went to Animal Kingdom, it was so crowded and it was 87 degrees, good thing i only packed one pair of shorts for Christian, the picture of Pochantas i had to drag Christian in, he didnt' really like the characters until Thursday, and Pochantos is also Christians' sweetheart. I hate that pic of me I look fat, yes i have issues but it is one of me and all the kids.
so i will post more pics later with recaps, i am so hungry lately, hmm wonder why?

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

so great to be home

YES we are finally home, we got back yesterday and i am exhausted. here are some teaser pics, i am tired, Christian had a 104.6 temp last night and was up alot, i just downloaded 414 pictures with more to go from my smaller camera. the kids loved disney, we had a blast but i love my own bed and i love sleeping with my husband, he doesnt' put his foot in my back or wake me up when i am sleeping. sleeping with kids is precious and sweet but six nights is for the birds. will have more stories from our trip, we can't wait to go back!

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