Thursday, February 14, 2008

good reason for no picture

well my cough turned worse and i worked 3-7 yesterday, i was hacking so much that apparenlty my uterus wanted to start contracting, so after work they hooked me up to the monitor and lo and behold i was having few irregualr contractions most likely due to the coughing. Turns out i have bronchitis, i do really feel fine except just tired, so they gave me some terbutaline to rest my uterus and it also acts as opening up the bronchioles, well take that at nine pm and try and sleep. so now i am on a z pack, albuterol inhaler, and tamiflu, he also gave me a script for terbutaline that i am not going to have filled right now, i think the contractions are from coughing and not drinking enough. oh well off to finish getting the kids ready for school, then come home pay bills and rest. I am supposed to work again tonight, really i feel fine but i will see what the dr thinks. Happy Valentines Day


Stephanie said...

You get some rest today. That had to suck but at least you were at work and didn't have to get out of bed to go to the hospital.

Jennifer said...

Hope you are feeling better. Hey, we were on the same drugs, Zpac & albuteral inhaler. I'm am winding down my dosage of Prednisone. (Thank goodness, I will be able to sleep not be so hungry)

Amanda said...

I hope you stayed home from work today and got some rest...sounds like you need LOTS of it.