Sunday, February 10, 2008

more disney pics

so here is my recap from the trip. ON saturday 2/2 we flew out of St. Louis on the 355 flight, the kids did awesome watched their DVD players the entire time, we finally got to our hotel around 9pm and finally got something to eat, we were all a little pissy by then just checking in and just overall exhausted and hungry. WE stayed at the French Quarter the first night, the room was just kind of dirty and small, luckily we moved to the Riverside on Sunday where our room was so much better. Sunday we went to Magic Kingdom before heading to Epcot to meet my Inlaws. It was hot, i was sweating, and so crowded so all the kids got to do was ride the merry go round, and we stood in line for Ariel who is the little mermaid and Christian's favorite character for 50 min before we had to leave to get to Epcot in time, we didnt' even get close to Ariel. ughhhhhhhh. Then we walked around Epcot eating lunch at the coral reef, okay food wasn't impressed and then walked all around epcot, The pics from yesterday was where we got that big pretzel in Germany (part of Epcot) Audrey threw a fit b/c she wanted a pretzel, well we all shared and she threw the piece i gave her on the ground b/c she was mad and wanted the whole thing, i at that point wanted to pay somebody to take her away, she was being so three year old! i also have a pic of that later to come. ON monday we went to Animal Kingdom, it was so crowded and it was 87 degrees, good thing i only packed one pair of shorts for Christian, the picture of Pochantas i had to drag Christian in, he didnt' really like the characters until Thursday, and Pochantos is also Christians' sweetheart. I hate that pic of me I look fat, yes i have issues but it is one of me and all the kids.
so i will post more pics later with recaps, i am so hungry lately, hmm wonder why?

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Jennifer said...

Well, I can't decide if you had a good time or not. I guess being preggo and going on vacation is not the greatest either. Too bad it was so crowded.

Stephanie said...

You look great. Love those pictures good luck going through all of them I am slowly wedding through all of mine so that I can back them up on some sort of external device in cas eht computer has a melt down...