Friday, August 31, 2007

special people

okay here are my special people, the first is Cathy who is in London right now on a business trip, poor Cathy. she has been my best friend for 24 years. the next pic is Jen and Steph who have been my friends for seven years, they are the fire dept gals, Jen didnt' like me at first she thought i was snobby, well i showed her, i'm think Steph liked me she usually doesnt say a bad word about anybody unless they are downright %$^&&&. the next pic was the only one i could find Amanda in, i have been friends with her four about 5years, i met her through Steph, i live my creativity imagination through her, Ilike to call her Martha Freaking Stewart, the last picture is of Sarah's house, i couldn't find a good pic of her the one i have of her she is making a goofy face and i thinkn she would appreciate it if i didn't tell her. I also have my MOMMES friends that hold a special place in my heart that i don't have pictures of, they are the ones who make me laugh so hard i would pee my pants if i had incontinence issues.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

a beatuiful day

today Sarah and D, were supposed to come swimming with us but since the high was 82 degrees I suggested we go to Grants Farm, so we did. We had fun and you get free alcoholic beverages there, well Anheuser products but i will drink pretty much any beer if it is free. The first pic is of Emma and her future husband, she is always wanting to be by D, and her and Audrey fought over who was going to sit by him on the way home. The next pic is of Audrey bottle feeding the goats, those goats are greedy they would pull so hard on the bottle that they pulled it out of Audrey's hands sometimes but she just thought that was funny, Emma on the other hand just wanted to carry her bottle around and was scared of the goats, i was scared she was going to try and drink it though, so i kept saying dont' put it in your mouth, i guess that is goat's breastmilk and it probably wouldn't hurt her but those goats have their tongues places they shouldn't so i thought it was best Emma not drink the bottle, who knows maybe she wanted to bring it home for her baby or save it for her future children with D. i wanted to use the pic of all three together for their bday invites but i dont' know, i dont' really ahve time to attempt another photo though. and the last pic is of D feeding the goats. this evening i sold the last two cribs so yes folks we are done so while Chris was setting those up me and the kiddos headed off to the gym, they were super crabby and i needed my workout,now i need to start packing. uggh i think tomorrow we are just going to chill at home.

Good night.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

stupid blogger

so it didn't post the picture of Lexie but here it is, the next photos are of Emma and Christian holding hands while the triplets were opening gifts, i'm not sure if they thought they were in the pagents where the final contestants wait to see who wins and holds hands or what they were doing. they probably were getting ready to beat one another up after this pic. the next pic is Emma in her tiara, and the last picture is Christian being goofy. check below for more pics.

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hello again

okay after a much needed break i am back and going to attempt to blog every day. this wekend was busy, Saturday we had my nephews birthday party and then in the evening we had
the Springer triplets birthday party that was held at our pool. i work last night, today, and then tomorrow. Tomorrow i am going to Target to get everything for my trip and run errands, thankfully Pam is coming over so i can get alot done. I need to pay bills also, but that isn't as fun as a shopping trip to Target. a little funny from today, we were walking out of the gym and a little boy who was olive skinned with dark hair was walking out, and Christian says, LOOK ITs DIego, i could have died. We don't use racial slurs at our house, nor make a deal out of what color people are, but the little boy did have khaki shorts on and a blue shirt.

so anyway the picturs, the first one is of Chirstian and Audrey skipping to the lake and if you double click on the first pictures you can actually see Christian's foot in the air. the second pic is of the nightgowns i got for the girls that they just love, heck i want one. Emma and Audrey finally figured out about swimming with their water wings on but refuse to go in the big pool, Emma did swim like a fish in Jen's pool, was jumping off going under water and swimming to the top, Audrey could have cared less. The last pic is Lexie , i love this pic b/c she has a gleam in her eye, they are such cute kiddos, i hope her mom doens't get upset i put this picture on my blog but i think it is one of the better pics i've taken lately. oh well off to make my lists.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

here's Emma

okay here is another addition to my photo on Faith since i didn't put Emma's picture, i posted Audrey's twice, oh thank God he still has faith in me. sorry Emma i do love you, youare just so low maintenance.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

one more on faith

just thought this was cool also, please check below for my pics on faith.
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here is my photo challenge for the week, which is on Faith and let me tell you i have a strong sense of faith. I had so much faith that God would bless me with one miracle that in fact God had so much faith in me that he gave me three miracles. The pregnancy was hard and it was a miracle my babies weighed and were fairlyl healthy. Faith is having triplets and staying sane. My faith in God is stronger and my faith in myself and my marriage is also stronger. These three kids have helped me become a better person, and taught me that you can't always expect your plans to go like you want them to go. I have been blessed with three times the hugs, kisses, memories and smiling faces that are so excited to see me when i come home. (three times the tantrums also LOL)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

busy busy

okay so i have to go into work tonight from 11-7, then back at work at 245 the next two days, sounds great doesnt' it. i'm sure i will sleep so soundly tomorrow since i am so used to working night shift. i'm super excited can't you tell. so i will be in a foul mood for at least 72 hours! Chris is looking forward to my next three days of pure hell.

on a better note, we booked our trip to Disney in Feb today, yeah can't wait, and we are checking our dates for our Sept 2008 trip to Disney again. in feb we are going with CHris's parents and then in Sept with my mom for their bdays.

our trip is getting closer to the Cape, i am slowly making lists.

have a good night, think of me while you are sleeping and i am not.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

no pics today

today has been busy, i went grocery shopping this am for my dinner that i am hosting at my house tomorrow night for my fellow triplet moms. I am nervous b/c being the hostess is stressful just with making sure everything is all in order. My cleaning lady is coming four days early so my house will be clean. The kids are staying at my moms since Chris has training. The pictures from Friday turned out so awesome, i ended up spending 180 dollars on pictures b/c i couldnt' decide. The staff was fantastic, we werent' rushed at all and they really got the kids to open up. I will have to take pictures of the pictures, hee hee. oh well i need to clean up the computer room. Won't post until Tuesday most likely.

Friday, August 17, 2007

self portrait

so my first attempt at a self portrait only b/c i had my hair low lighted (who knows what that means) and cut. I really like the color. I dont' have any makeup on and can't wear my contacts since i accidentally got my excema cream for my eyes in them last night and feel like there are small fires in my eyes. don't ever try to attempt to put contact lenses in when your eyes are on fire, the pain worsens! yeah duh on my part.

so let me tell you how brave i am, i am taking all three kids on the spur of the moment appt to have their three year picture taken at portrait innovations, they have a 9.99 photo package. Yes i have a camera but if Amy or Amanda were here to educate me on photoshop and i had a nanny than i would do the photos myself. so the kids are now sleeping at 146 pm and our appt is at 315, yeah not quite sure either what they are wearing. i know what the girls are wearing but i have no clue for Christian, we are going to do them individually. God Bless me for doing this last minute. I will go to Crafty Eye if this doesn't work out.

tonight i am hitting Margaritas for a get together for one of the nurses i work with, she is shipping out to Iraq Aug 28th, i am not going to drink much or maybe i will. hee hee.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

an evening off

finally i get to sit down and post, i feel like time is slipping away from me and time management is a thing of the past. Today we went to Sarah's house for a back to school party for Meg, Meg starts kindergarten on Friday and i know that Sarah is going to be having a very rough day. Sarah has dreaded this day i think since i don't know when but it will be fine, her first born is going off to all day school. i will be here for you Sarah, just call and you know i will be there. so my pictures today were going to be of the big girl starting school but its kinda hard to take pics when your memory card is still in your computer at home. oops. Sarah did bring home deep dish chicago pizza and made it today and it was so yummy.

the pictures, Christian was worn out from our playdate, probably b/c he used every toy as a weapon and bounced off the walls. the next pics are of Emma, she has been a little emotional lately, unsure why. Melissa had Ian in her cool new sling today and Emma decided to carry her baby in her belly also see the pictures. It was so cute! Tomorrow i will be doing the gym by myself and then we are headed off to the pool. I think Sunday will be the end of our heat wave, thank God.
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Monday, August 13, 2007

oldies but goodies

well the first picture is from April but the last three are from a year ago, it is so funny how much they have changed. Not much new here, i took the kiddos for a two mile walk this evening and started to feel sick from the heat, i didn't realize how humid it was till halfway through the walk and i couldnt' stop b/c i wanted to get home, now i just feel slightly dizzy and sick to my stomach. I worked today at the Dr.'s office and it was great, i love working there. i am on call at 3am so i need to take a bath and get my butt in bed since it appears i will be working. good night.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

back in the groove

well i like everybody else have been in kind of a photography slump. I was crazy busy last week with work and Emma being sick that all my energy just went to work and taking care of kids. This weekned i got out the camera and started back, my goal is to sign up tomorrow for some photography classes but i think it will probaby have to wait until after our vacation. I'm getting super excited. Not much going on this weekend, Friday was fun, Steph and Jen and the kids came over and hung out and then after the guys golf tournament they came over with some ice cream, yummy. Saturday around 430 i took the kiddos to the pool and we stayed until 7 and then came home and crashed. Today the whole family headed off to the pool around eleven, came home at two and the kids took naps while i played on the internet. It was so hot today, being in the water was great but man when we left the temp was 103 and you gotta love this midwest humidity, it was awful outside. I have a ton of laundry to do and need to get working on it since it is dark and cooling off. Tomorrow up at six to work out and then i am working at the Dr's office until three. Pam is coming over and i can't wait the kids are so excited to see her, i know she is excited too. oh well off to do more laundry.

the pictutres. the first pic i almost thought it was Emma when i first glanced at it, the second pic is my rotten son, who is too cute not to love. The last two picturs, christian went in for a bear hug and pulled the girls down with him.
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Friday, August 10, 2007

okay now this is working

see post below.
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not for the weak stomach

so here is my little problem, it hurts bad and is infected, i will find out on Monday if they will have to reopen my wound. I am on antibiotics that make my stomach cramp bad. sorry if you have a weak stomach but i thought i would share my battle wound.

Emma is doing better, her cough is much looser but she still is running a low grade temp, i hope she naps well today she really needs it. I am waiting to see if they are going to call me into work, i sure hope not, i need a relaxing break. well i need to get more stuff done. i am officially done with my mommes resell it sale stuff, woohoo!
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

still here

sorry no pics, i've worked 3-11 every day since Monday and work 7-11 tonight, and on call tomorrow 3-7, i usually only work 16-20 hours a week, i have worked more thsi week and honestly it is killing me. Emma is running a temp of 103.6 off and on so waiting for the Dr.'s office to open to get an appt for her. i guess no pool today, hopefully the kiddos will let me work on some much needed house stuff. Also i think my incision is getting infected, it hurts like crazy. i'm just overly stressed which doesnt take much lately. work has been absolutely crazy! i do have a patient that i have bonded with and she tells the day shift staff that she just thinks i am an awesome nurse, so that makes me feel good, and she is super nice so that is my positive. oh well Emma is walking around with her waterwings on and i need to get those with the pool stuff before i can't find them anymore, LOL.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

hot and busy weekend

so we had a full weekend. Friday i got to visit with my cousin and her two girls from Chicago, they came in for the Mascoutah Homecoming Fest, it was so good to see them, the girls are getting so big! Saturday night we went to the parade and then to the picnic which was disgustingly hot, i mean no air flow whatsoever but the kids rode on rides and got candy so they didnt' care less that we all were sticky pigs! Today i got to see Amanda, Parker, Bill and Cole, Bill wanted to see the new firetruck, i didn't know they were in town so it was a pleasant surprise. After naps today i took the kids swimming around 430 and we left at 7, it wasn't too bad being in the pool, but when we got out it was so hot. this week we have a heat advisory in effect, Wed it is going to be 100 degrees, yikes. Maggie Moos offers free ice cream when the temp hits 98 degrees at Lambert Airport for 98 minutes compliments of Y98 radio station so i hope to hit Maggie Moos for some freee ice cream! Thats 98% awesome, okay 100% but 98 goes better.

This first picture is of Maddie, she is four and just a doll!

Olivia my godchild who is 6 and starting 1st grade this fall, yikes she is growing up so fast.
Miss Maggie, i call these next two shots my Amanda Johnson want to be's!
Miss Emma cheesing it up for the camera.
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