Friday, August 3, 2007

details, details, details

okay this does sound like a juicy post but actually it is for my photo challenge of the week. The first two pics are of the murals in the girls room, the lady that did this spent lots of time on details. the next picture is of my great grandma's crystal glass, i believe the gold rim is 24 carat gold also, and the last picture is for Amy who wanted to see Christian's new crocs.

not too much new here, we went to Splash City today which is a waterpark not far from where we live, it is half priced admission on fridays before 1015, and the bonus is the kids are stil free so i spent eight dollars for me. We went with the Tuckers, we also went to DairyHaven which is a little ice cream joint that i have never been too, what have i been missing. oh it was so yummy! the kids are napping now, i have done two loads of laundry, packed my car for tonight and am almost ready! When the kids wake up i will quickly bathe them and head off to my moms to see my cousin and her two girls from Chicago.

oh well i need to finish getting ready. have a good evening!

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Stephanie said...

I love that mural it gets cuter everytime I see it I might have to get her number. The glass is beautiful lucky you to have been passed down such a beautiful heirloom. Crocs still looking for a pair for Maggie I might be waiting until christmas but she will have a pair I think her feet are growing so I soon might be able to find a pair that fits.

AmyWhit said...

Wow! The mural is FABULOUS! Great job with the challenge! The glass is beautiful, too. My nephew Hayden has the exact same Crocs! LOL. They're so cute and really great for the littler kids because they don't fall off as easily.

Jennifer said...

Love those crocs...might have to get Connor some since he is always flipping his off. Cute pics of the walls. You were right, I thought you had some juicy gossip