Wednesday, August 15, 2007

an evening off

finally i get to sit down and post, i feel like time is slipping away from me and time management is a thing of the past. Today we went to Sarah's house for a back to school party for Meg, Meg starts kindergarten on Friday and i know that Sarah is going to be having a very rough day. Sarah has dreaded this day i think since i don't know when but it will be fine, her first born is going off to all day school. i will be here for you Sarah, just call and you know i will be there. so my pictures today were going to be of the big girl starting school but its kinda hard to take pics when your memory card is still in your computer at home. oops. Sarah did bring home deep dish chicago pizza and made it today and it was so yummy.

the pictures, Christian was worn out from our playdate, probably b/c he used every toy as a weapon and bounced off the walls. the next pics are of Emma, she has been a little emotional lately, unsure why. Melissa had Ian in her cool new sling today and Emma decided to carry her baby in her belly also see the pictures. It was so cute! Tomorrow i will be doing the gym by myself and then we are headed off to the pool. I think Sunday will be the end of our heat wave, thank God.
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Stephanie said...

Love those pictures. Emma is the little mommy. Glad you had a nice day. Good luck Sarah, I can't imagine what you are going though.

Amanda said...

Great pics Dana! I've not taken mine out in about a week.