Monday, August 27, 2007

hello again

okay after a much needed break i am back and going to attempt to blog every day. this wekend was busy, Saturday we had my nephews birthday party and then in the evening we had
the Springer triplets birthday party that was held at our pool. i work last night, today, and then tomorrow. Tomorrow i am going to Target to get everything for my trip and run errands, thankfully Pam is coming over so i can get alot done. I need to pay bills also, but that isn't as fun as a shopping trip to Target. a little funny from today, we were walking out of the gym and a little boy who was olive skinned with dark hair was walking out, and Christian says, LOOK ITs DIego, i could have died. We don't use racial slurs at our house, nor make a deal out of what color people are, but the little boy did have khaki shorts on and a blue shirt.

so anyway the picturs, the first one is of Chirstian and Audrey skipping to the lake and if you double click on the first pictures you can actually see Christian's foot in the air. the second pic is of the nightgowns i got for the girls that they just love, heck i want one. Emma and Audrey finally figured out about swimming with their water wings on but refuse to go in the big pool, Emma did swim like a fish in Jen's pool, was jumping off going under water and swimming to the top, Audrey could have cared less. The last pic is Lexie , i love this pic b/c she has a gleam in her eye, they are such cute kiddos, i hope her mom doens't get upset i put this picture on my blog but i think it is one of the better pics i've taken lately. oh well off to make my lists.

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Jennifer said...

Where's Lexi? I am glad Emma had fun in the pool yesterday, such a little fish. The other two will get the hang of it eventually and then you'll have to go through it again next summer!!

Stephanie said...

Cute pictures I love that one of Lexi she is a doll. Good Luck on the shopping trip tomorrow wish I was going with you, I just love target.

Amanda said...

Ahhh vacation I bet you are totally getting excited. Those pictures are great...I've missed seeing pics of your adorable little kiddos.