Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the HEAT is on

so i havent' posted in awhile, i have been a single parent b/c Chris was in S.D. for three days and honestly i am freaking exhausted. Yes my mom came over and took us out to eat but hello i am the one who does nonstop care of these children and it wears on me. Today my moms friend Jeanette, and her grandkids came over which was wonderful. I went shopping with my mom and got Christian some new cool crocs, i think they just came out and he also got a new shirt. I came home to Jeanette cleaning my fridge out, AWESOME, she said oh i hope you dont' get mad, hello why would i get mad i wanted to give her a great big kiss! Then her grandkids cleaned up the downstairs. Yes you may think i am spoiled but if you take my kids nonstop for three days without any assistance i will clean your fridge, and your whole house. I look at it like i am LUCKY! Jeanette, Sarah and Travis must think i'm pretty special to help me out so much so i must be not all that bad. Then after naps today we went swimming and then to the gym, a little backwards but i thought Chris would take a little nap. oh well i need to spend some time with the hubby.

Here is Christian from this evening, this boy is always smiling. Wish i could!
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Stephanie said...

I bet you are tired. You deserve a much needed rest. You are special and don't forget it. Love that picture of Christian.

Jennifer said...

Wow mama!! Aren't you glad Chris is home. I don't know how single parents do it either. Luckily we have our hubby's to help out (every once in a while) lol!! Cute picture of Christian. I can see straight down his throat!!

AmyWhit said...

What a cutie! I want to see his new crocs! I love those things!

Amanda said...

I don't know how you do it! I'm gonna be a single mom too in October probably for a few weeks. I'm so NOT looking forward to it. Lucky you though at least you live near family and they were able to help out.

Oh we are in town too. We NEED to get together.