Sunday, August 12, 2007

back in the groove

well i like everybody else have been in kind of a photography slump. I was crazy busy last week with work and Emma being sick that all my energy just went to work and taking care of kids. This weekned i got out the camera and started back, my goal is to sign up tomorrow for some photography classes but i think it will probaby have to wait until after our vacation. I'm getting super excited. Not much going on this weekend, Friday was fun, Steph and Jen and the kids came over and hung out and then after the guys golf tournament they came over with some ice cream, yummy. Saturday around 430 i took the kiddos to the pool and we stayed until 7 and then came home and crashed. Today the whole family headed off to the pool around eleven, came home at two and the kids took naps while i played on the internet. It was so hot today, being in the water was great but man when we left the temp was 103 and you gotta love this midwest humidity, it was awful outside. I have a ton of laundry to do and need to get working on it since it is dark and cooling off. Tomorrow up at six to work out and then i am working at the Dr's office until three. Pam is coming over and i can't wait the kids are so excited to see her, i know she is excited too. oh well off to do more laundry.

the pictutres. the first pic i almost thought it was Emma when i first glanced at it, the second pic is my rotten son, who is too cute not to love. The last two picturs, christian went in for a bear hug and pulled the girls down with him.
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Jennifer said...

Awww...gotta love that crazy boy. He has turned into such a BOY. So typical. (I'm sure he will always be momma's sweet boy though)

Amanda said...

Cute pictures...I've not even taken my camera out the whole weekend.

Love those jammies on Christian...Cole has the same ones.