Thursday, August 30, 2007

a beatuiful day

today Sarah and D, were supposed to come swimming with us but since the high was 82 degrees I suggested we go to Grants Farm, so we did. We had fun and you get free alcoholic beverages there, well Anheuser products but i will drink pretty much any beer if it is free. The first pic is of Emma and her future husband, she is always wanting to be by D, and her and Audrey fought over who was going to sit by him on the way home. The next pic is of Audrey bottle feeding the goats, those goats are greedy they would pull so hard on the bottle that they pulled it out of Audrey's hands sometimes but she just thought that was funny, Emma on the other hand just wanted to carry her bottle around and was scared of the goats, i was scared she was going to try and drink it though, so i kept saying dont' put it in your mouth, i guess that is goat's breastmilk and it probably wouldn't hurt her but those goats have their tongues places they shouldn't so i thought it was best Emma not drink the bottle, who knows maybe she wanted to bring it home for her baby or save it for her future children with D. i wanted to use the pic of all three together for their bday invites but i dont' know, i dont' really ahve time to attempt another photo though. and the last pic is of D feeding the goats. this evening i sold the last two cribs so yes folks we are done so while Chris was setting those up me and the kiddos headed off to the gym, they were super crabby and i needed my workout,now i need to start packing. uggh i think tomorrow we are just going to chill at home.

Good night.

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Stephanie said...

That picture of the three of them is too cute you should use it! Looks like you had an awesome day at grant's farm.

Amanda said...

How the one of the 3 of them USE IT! LOL :)