Friday, August 17, 2007

self portrait

so my first attempt at a self portrait only b/c i had my hair low lighted (who knows what that means) and cut. I really like the color. I dont' have any makeup on and can't wear my contacts since i accidentally got my excema cream for my eyes in them last night and feel like there are small fires in my eyes. don't ever try to attempt to put contact lenses in when your eyes are on fire, the pain worsens! yeah duh on my part.

so let me tell you how brave i am, i am taking all three kids on the spur of the moment appt to have their three year picture taken at portrait innovations, they have a 9.99 photo package. Yes i have a camera but if Amy or Amanda were here to educate me on photoshop and i had a nanny than i would do the photos myself. so the kids are now sleeping at 146 pm and our appt is at 315, yeah not quite sure either what they are wearing. i know what the girls are wearing but i have no clue for Christian, we are going to do them individually. God Bless me for doing this last minute. I will go to Crafty Eye if this doesn't work out.

tonight i am hitting Margaritas for a get together for one of the nurses i work with, she is shipping out to Iraq Aug 28th, i am not going to drink much or maybe i will. hee hee.
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Stephanie said...

Love the Hair.. you are very brave taking the three of them. Glad everything went well.

AmyWhit said...

Your hair looks great. You don't look anything like you do in your profile family photo. I never would have guessed it was the same person.

Good luck with the photo sessions! You'll probably need the night out afterwards! LOL.

Jennifer said...

Ohhh...I love it!! I never get to see your hair straightened. It looks cute. Oh, now I remember what I called you about the other day. I called to make an appointment with Tanya--Mid October!! OMG- talk about wait for a long time!!

Amanda said...

Love your hair girl...I didn't realize how long it was though. Lookin mama! :)

So how did pictures go?

Cathy said...

Your hair looks fab here!!!! I can't believe how straight it is. You're lucky you can do wavy and straight--it takes me forever to get a wave in my hair and then it looks goofy half the time when I do it. Kiss the terrors for me. XOXO, Cathy