Wednesday, August 22, 2007

busy busy

okay so i have to go into work tonight from 11-7, then back at work at 245 the next two days, sounds great doesnt' it. i'm sure i will sleep so soundly tomorrow since i am so used to working night shift. i'm super excited can't you tell. so i will be in a foul mood for at least 72 hours! Chris is looking forward to my next three days of pure hell.

on a better note, we booked our trip to Disney in Feb today, yeah can't wait, and we are checking our dates for our Sept 2008 trip to Disney again. in feb we are going with CHris's parents and then in Sept with my mom for their bdays.

our trip is getting closer to the Cape, i am slowly making lists.

have a good night, think of me while you are sleeping and i am not.


Amanda said...

How do you do it and triplets? Oh I noticed that you left out a trip to Clarksville, TN...I'm sure that just slipped your mind since your thinking of the next 72 hours of hell you'll have right?! lol :)

Jennifer said...

I'll be sure to stay away for awile. You call me!! Oh, I just called, and Chris said you were sleeping. Nighty, Night!!

Stephanie said...

Sounds super busy I don't know how you do it either woman of steel... Hope you get some sleep these next few days just think of the vacation coming up that will get you through.