Wednesday, January 30, 2008

still bad

okay i just realized that i didnt' take any pictures today, i however did go to the gym, did at least 4 complete loads of laundry that included putting it away, packed the kids completely except medicines, organized my closet, ordered the stuff for baby boy's room from uppercase living, and finally got around to calling Amanda, well we did get to talk but it did involve screaming children on both ends, why do they do everything to get your attention on the phone.
Tonight Chris, I and the kids headed off to the mall to get Chris some new shoes, i also got a new pair of Nike black Mary Jane tennis shoes, i love them and hope they will be great for Florida. anyway i am off to read some more about this meal plan for Disney so i am not completely uneducated, there are people out there who have everything planned out for their trip but it is hard for us to do with three three year olds. I will attempt to take pics tomorrow, maybe i will do a belly shot again, it finally has popped and i feel huge already. Yes i was pregnant with triplets but that was almost four years ago and i don't remember what i felt like. This little bambino is moving like crazy, yesterday when they had the monitor on me I swear he was doing tae bo, now he is just kicking away at my bladder that i obviously need to empty. note to self work on kegels.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dusty camera

so i havent' taken the camera out of the bag since the 12th, and my memory card is still in the computer, i have been a little busy trying to organize all my pictures from July into my photo albums, i figure since we leave on our trip soon i need to organize all the old pics so when the new ones come i won't be bombarded so that is what i have been doing in my endless spare time. I will attempt to take at least one picture tomorrow.
This am i went to the L&D b/c i hadnt' felt the baby move since 2pm yesterday, i tried chugging 2 liters of water, and ate a whole bunch of skittles, and even jiggled my belly and that kid still wouldn't move. so Sarah came over and i headed to the hosptial where on driving there the little stinker decided to then start kicking my cervix and bladder, good thing he is inside b/c i would have beat his little butt for scaring me. Uggh i think also i have just been trying to get so much done lately that i am so busy and don't really notice him moving as much. things will slow down a little after this trip. otherwise i am feeling great, i am still exercising 5 times a week and am debating on walking in the 5 mile ST. Patty's day race, i have tried to train and run in the past but due to my knee injury over ten years ago running is not my thing. I think i have Sarah talked into walking it with me of course with my dr's approval, i will let time tell but at this rate i feel good about it, although i think i will be 32 weeks preggo at the time so we will see.
oh well i promise pics tomorrow, they may just be of who knows what but i need the practice again. off to get ready for work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fun weekend

Saturday night was Chris's holiday party and the kids had a blast, the boys received fireman costumes and the girls got little dogs with leashes, Audrey carries her dog around like she is Paris Hilton, it is really scaring me. The only good thing is maybe she won't be quite the brat since there is no Hilton funds being accessed. The first picture is me and Audrey, she looks like such a big girl here and finally smiles normal for the camera. The last pic is our sweet Emma during a massive meltdown yesterday, she was hitting and kicking at me, all i could do was laugh b/c Emma is so sweet natured and rarely throws a tantrum but when she does woo the whole world knows it. I finally had to carry her kicking and screaming into time out and then she calmed down. not much new here otherwise, too funny Emma just saw her tanturm picture and said "oh i was mad" at least she realizes it. Thursday night i am having the annual MOMMES meeting at my house so tonight i will be picking up some more and going to SAMS. oh well off to check what the silence is, no silence is good in this house, LOL

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Friday, January 11, 2008

starting to get ready for baby Tell

so now i think i am in full mode of "oh my gosh we are going to have a baby in 16-17 weeks and i need to get my butt in gear. i ordered the bedding and crib from Walmart tonight and i will pick it up sometime in the end of Jan. I am slowly cleaning out the closet, i do a little each day so maybe by the end of March he will have his own closet, LOL. tonight we went shopping for the carseat, well we had one carried up front and then Chris wanted to know what a snap and go stroller frame is so i showed him and he is like Dana this won't work pushing it in the rocks, we go to ALOT of picnics in the summer and i would hate for this kid to get whiplash, so we looked at the stroller that matched the carseat, well that also was a piece of poo and just flimsy, so then we switched car seats and went with a Chicco travel system, i do like it, the car seat itself is 1.5lbs heavier than the Graco but the straps adjust easily but the stroller is lighter than Graco stroller so as you all know i am a stroller junkie and probably will have a different stroller when this kid grows out of the car seat. We were testing strollers for an hour, you would have though we were registering but we know exactly what we want and don't want so this time we are educated consumers. Anyway i am getting excited and we also agreed on a name finally but that is a surprise or at least that is my goal, i am not good with surprises. no pics today maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

remember when

today's weather has just been dreary outside, we were teased with a beautiful day yesterday and today we are back to dreay Jan weather, the temp wasnt' bad but the sun wasn't out either. The kids started their swim lessons today and i have to say they listened very well and took turns very well, of course since they are always perfect in public, (hope lightning doesn't strike while i am typing) i am not surprised. I do have to say my kids are very good at taking turns, i think b/c they are multiples. Emma is a fish in the water i need not say more, Audrey and christian were scared and held onto the teacher for dear life. We went to the gym at 9 so i could workout and shower and then get them ready for their 1045 swim lessons, well after swim lessons i have to get them changed again and had to blowdry all of thier hair b/c you can't go outside with a wet head, uggh we didn't leave until 1150. Needless to say i was exhausted and so were the kids, Emma fell asleep on the way home which is very strange. Next week i think i will sit outside and watch, i sat inside today and it was a sauna in there, heck i may even shower at that point. I also got more stuff ready for my MOMMES sale for March as i am slowly cleaning out the closet to make room for baby stuff. Tomorrow is a DR's appt and the big ultrasound although i'm pretty sure it is a boy so pray that everything looks good with this little bean. We are agreeing on some names finally but we wont' announce that till he is here, have to have an element of surprise. oh this was the view from our house this Sept in Cape Cod, i pretend it is the view out my back window.
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Monday, January 7, 2008

i'm back

so its been awhile, Christmas was nuts, i was sick and just the fun and excitement of Christmas made me such a slacker. I still checked my emails, i haven't downloaded any pics yet except for these few, that is my small goal tonight. today was awesome outside we went to the zoo where the kids walked most of the day and they did great,they had a blast, no nap of course which made 3pm till 715 pm a little trying on patience but they are in bed and hopefully out. I will be there soon also i am whipped. not much new here we had a great holiday, so much to be thankful for such as a our health, our family with the new addition coming in four months, and the overload of toys that has made me weed through the old toys every night. I think that is why everybody vows to organize the as their new years resolution b/c you get bombarded at Christmas. My new years resolutions are to get organized and to just be more green, i do recycle 60% of the time but i just feel that this is one resolution i can stick to. now i am not saying i am not going to buy water bottles, go braless, or just be a tree hugger but i am going to be better to our enviroment such as no deoderant (okay just a little funy), unplugging things when not in use is a big thing and trying not to get in the car just to get out of the house, stuff like that.

so here are our pictures, the first is from their Christmas play funny how they knew all the words to the songs, Emma sang but Audrey and Christain just put their hands in their mouth and then proceeded to get into a pushing match during the last song, all we could do was just laugh b/c none of the teachers saw it but it could have been like dominoes falling if they would have shoved hard enough. Audrey did start it by tapping on Christian's head, then he just let her have it. the next picture is Christian saying "i love you mommy", the next is when Santa came to our house Christmas Eve, that was cute,and the last picture is me at almost 22 weeks on Wednesday. bad pic but i always forget to have Chris take one.

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