Friday, January 11, 2008

starting to get ready for baby Tell

so now i think i am in full mode of "oh my gosh we are going to have a baby in 16-17 weeks and i need to get my butt in gear. i ordered the bedding and crib from Walmart tonight and i will pick it up sometime in the end of Jan. I am slowly cleaning out the closet, i do a little each day so maybe by the end of March he will have his own closet, LOL. tonight we went shopping for the carseat, well we had one carried up front and then Chris wanted to know what a snap and go stroller frame is so i showed him and he is like Dana this won't work pushing it in the rocks, we go to ALOT of picnics in the summer and i would hate for this kid to get whiplash, so we looked at the stroller that matched the carseat, well that also was a piece of poo and just flimsy, so then we switched car seats and went with a Chicco travel system, i do like it, the car seat itself is 1.5lbs heavier than the Graco but the straps adjust easily but the stroller is lighter than Graco stroller so as you all know i am a stroller junkie and probably will have a different stroller when this kid grows out of the car seat. We were testing strollers for an hour, you would have though we were registering but we know exactly what we want and don't want so this time we are educated consumers. Anyway i am getting excited and we also agreed on a name finally but that is a surprise or at least that is my goal, i am not good with surprises. no pics today maybe tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

Well you could have a guessing contest to see who guesses correctly you would obviously have to tell us if we were warm or cold though... Glad you found a car seat stroller you liked isn't it odd how you choose things with one ( or in your case three) and then for the next you totally don't want that stuff.

Jennifer said...

Isn't it fun looking for new baby gear?? Hmmm...I'm guessing Harry for the name.