Tuesday, September 30, 2008

no shopping for awhile

well if you read my last post i was confused about car seats, after MUCH research and debating i did decide on the Britax regent x3 and a Britax Marathon x1, yikes i won't even share what my total was lets just say i will be earning some nice Disney world points. I'm still a little sick to the stomach on the big price tag but confident in my kids safety. I went with elitecarseats.com and they were very helpful, they gave me a nice discount since i did purchase 4 car seats. I went ahead and bought Hayden's now since they were giving a discount and he probably will go in it after christmas or so, he is getting heavy in his car seat but it is so convenient for when he is sleeping to just put him in the stroller, although i won't be going to the mall anytime soon so i guess that isn't a worry. LOL Anyway i think i am more freaked out just b/c of this whole economy issue, obviously we aren't retiring anytime soon but i don't even want to look at our investments, which i wont' b/c nothing we can do about it.
the kids are doing great, they love their big kid bikes although they are hard to pedal for them right now so tomorrow after the gym we will play outside. We also did book our trip to Disney for the first part of May so looking forward to that, we are going with my mom. I also did start part of my Christmas shopping last week, and am happy to report i think outside of some clothes i am done with Christian. Oh well the kids are at MDO today and i have a ton of chores i would like to attempt today such as dishes and cleaning out the closet although the latter may be a two day job. I'm just glad to not be wearing maternity clothes, although i don't know how breastfeeding friendly my prepregnancy clothes are, do you think i can justify to CHris that since we don't have to buy formula i can get some breastfeeding friendly shirts. We are going to a wedding this weekend and bringing Hayden i will have to see if i am going to be able to nurse Hayden in my dress if not then i will have to pump and give him a bottle which i really don't like. It is just time consuming to pump and gets uncomfortable if you wait to long!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ughh in a dither

so last week was the car seat check, we found out that our car seats are good for 40lb/40 inches. Christian weighs in at 33lb 38 inches, Audrey 28lbs 39inches, and Emma 31lbs 39.5 inches so we are getting close to needing new car seats. The car seat guy that i work with suggested high back boosters but if you all have watched the Kyle Miller video that came out about 1-2 years ago i don't think so. A family that i know of has a severly brain injured little boy from an accident back in May and i wonder if he had been in a 5pt harness what would have happened. If you read safety reviews which is what i have been doing all afternoon they say the belt positioning boosters dont alwasy hit them where it should and in the event of a crash... well anyway so now i am checking out the Britax regent, pretty costly at 249.99 free shipping though, and Hayden's next seat will also be a Britax. Now if you all remember we had to get the new van to accomodate 4 tethered seats so i am thinking i will win with my hubby on this issue, he usually is anal retentive about car seat safety which i am also but geez 750 dollars on car seats not to mention Hayden's will be about 280, yikes but weigh that with if the event of an accident would we always be wondering what would have happened. I just figure you want what is best for your child and i will spend money on other stuff but why will i be a cheap skate when it comes to their safety? edited to add this is a not a judgemental thing on anybody that already has their kiddos in a booster.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Christian, Emma and Audrey

Today my kiddos turn 4, ah how bittersweet. these are some photos from the party, we sang happy birthday 3 times one to each kid, and when we were singing happy birthday to Audrey i got all choked up and wanted to bawl like a baby, my big kids are growing up. I love you so much and we are so lucky God has chosen us for your parents. You make us better and stronger people and i wouldn't change anything about having triplets, 3 times the love, 3 times the attitudes, good and bad, and 3 times the fun. You guys are the light of my life, i hope you know how much i love you. Have a wonderful birthday!
P.S. check below for the first family shot!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hayden's baptism

here are a few pics from Sunday, it was a busy day as we had the baptism and then the triplets 4th bday party. These pics are courtesy of Steph, she will be more than happy to take any pics for you as long as you give her daughter a gallon of ice cream, LOL. i love the second picture, Hayden loves to flirt with Stephanie, she always can get a smile out of him. Hayden's outfit i LOVED but it was shedding big time, you notice Chris has his coat on well after the family pic we all looked down and it looked like Meddie the cat layed on his jacket. Fuzz was every where, stay tuned for pics tomorrow of the party. All i have to say is the obstacle course was a BLAST and i want it for next year. so tired off to bed.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

spin the baby

my cousin who lives in chicago has a baby 6 months older than Hayden so we get all the passed on goodies. this little spin thing that Hayden is on in the second pic is so cute, i have never seen it before but it is made by Lamaze toys,
Chris asked yesterday when he came home what Hayden was doing on that so i told him we were playing spin the baby. being that Amanda Johnson is always looking for photo ops i took this as one and was laying on my stomach getting all sorts of pics of him and he was smiling big time, Amanda must have been sending me telepathic messages.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

skate ahead

at my mommes resell it sale i found three pairs of skates so on Sunday the kids took to skating, they actually are alot better than what i thought, they walk more than skate but they love them. yesterday Maddie and Zack came over and skated with them. the sale went well, i made some good money but i am exhausted from this weekend, and battling a cold. this week is another crazy week with the baptism and birthday party, we have forty people who will be at our house on sunday, yikes that is alot but when you factor in two other sets of triplets that is alot. i wanted to invite some of their other friends but do to maximum occupancy LOL i can't. I have my list made, the only thing that is bad is my cake lady cancelled on me, her uncle is dying she needs to go out of town this weekend,no biggie i think i will just get teh cakes from Sams since i am making a big trip there on Friday or Saturday or both. i may try and make my own cupcakes if i can find my big tip for the icing, it really won't be that hard i can do that on Saturday night. i work tues and wednesday, why i signed up for 4 extra hours is beyond me, it seems as though i always do that when i need the time off. oh well i want to be in bed by 930 so i have 15 extra minutes.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

busy weekend ahead

ughh my mommes resell it sale is this weekend, as much as i love the cash i make i hate that my house is cluttered with rubbermaid bins in my living room the week of the sale. tomorrow night is set up and saturday is sale day, i need to figure out how to operate my pump on batteries, guess i should be reading the manual instead of updating my blog. Last night i was locked out of the house for a couple hours it was extremely frustrating as i had a plan that had a timeline and that was completely screwed up. Long story short never leave your cell phone and house keys on the kitchen counter, it doesn't work very well. My running is going good, last night i did 2.5 miles and didn't want to do any other work after running, (i usually do free weights, crunches and glutes) so i ran for speed, oops yeah cut my running a mile down by a minute each mile, which is good but when doing this program you shouldn't incorporate speed until youve been running for awhile, just a little sore today. I was talking with Cathy and i am glad i am not the only one who despises running the first five minutes into the run. Kids had MDO today, i ran some errands, well i ran to Target, can target be a hobby b/c seriously i am addicted. Hayden went to the dr on tuesday, he is 13lb12oz, 251/4 inches and has a big head. he is in the 25%for weight and height and 50% for head. His sleeping at night is something to be desired but still is exclusively breast fed on demand so i guess one day he will sleep thru the night. Last night he did pretty good. We took the bumper off his bed since i saw his face smashed in it the other night, he scoots all over the place in his sleep, another reason why he may not sleep so great since he is practicing for the circus. off to work and then a crazy tomorrow, wish me luck on figuring out this breastpump without ac adapters.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

my big kids

okay i hope this picture of Hayden also pops up b/c it is cute and it marks his 4 month mark. Yikes my baby is 4 months old, i just weighed him this evening and he is around 15lbs, he wears size 3 diapers, for some reason the 2's fit but if he naps in his crib he pees out the side so i went up a size. He is really giggling ALOT, he has been laughing out loud for around a month but he has the giggles and I LOVE IT. the other pic is of the kiddos. Hayden has been waking up alot to eat at night, i can see two teeth at the bottom so i hope that is the culprit, anyway i was being nice and not waking Chris up, well last night i told him to please feed Hayden so he did and i slept like 6 hours in a row, can we say heaven. needless to say sorry honey no more nice guy, i need my sleep. the kids were pills last night and i told Chris i had just had it and was about to blow, have you ever had those moments where you just don't like your kids, well i was there, i know that sounds bad but seriously. Christian threw a tanturm that was so ugly last night i carried him to the car while he was kicking and screaming i attempted to strap him in his car seat, and then i just started crying b/c i had enough, my back hurts tonight from trying to strap him in he is a strong ox.

a little funny today the kids were playing outside when we got home from the gym, Emma came inside crying saying, "that little brown boy keeps pushing our cars outside" i could have died. Chris was outside talking to our neighbors Joe and Teresa and their little boy Loyal was playing with the cozy coupes, i don't know why Emma got so upset she usually will share her toys with little kids well. I told her Emma that is Loyal and he can play with our cars, i said we don't say brown boy we just say boy. Chris and i don't talk about color of skin obviously b/c she said brown. and it is funny b/c just the other day i was wondering at what age do they start to discover diversity, well obviously now. oh well i am exhausted again, my legs ache from my workout today. good night.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

not Amanda Johnson photography...

i took the kiddos yesterday to get their pics taken, so here are some of them, they did turn out cute but nothing like what Amanda would have done. I LOVE the girls outfits, good thing i do b/c i spent a fortune on the hats, socks, shoes and sweaters from gymboree, Christian's shrit i got on clearance at Target, real nice i know but i really like his shirt, they didnn't have anything cute worth the money for boys so gotta love TArget. the kids first day back at Mdo was today, i really didn't do anything but it was nice to have the entire house to myself and Hayden. Hayden is a fuss bucket tonight, i hope he won't be up all night, he spit up ALOT this evening, and really isn't happy unless mommy is holding him which i dont know what is wrong with him. cleaning lady comes tomorrow so we will be hitting the gym while she is here, i have an interval run tomorrow. Not sore at all today but i didnt' work out since i did my run yesterday, it was nice to take a day off. Weight loss is going pretty good, down 14lbs from when i started and would like to lose 6 more. My fall clothes fit which i am happy with but after having children the problem areas get redistributed. off to pump and then to bed, my little man is reverting back to waking up more frequently during the night, i think he is hitting his 4 month growth spurt, yikes almost 4 months already?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


okay no new pics of the kids today but just wanted to say i ran 2.25 miles tonight, first time ever. I have been following the couch to 5K program, i always tried to run before and ended up hurting my knees but this time i stuck to the program and was able to condition properly to do this. the couch to 5k is a 8 week program, Friday i start week 6,i didn't really tell anybody i was doing it b/c i was afraid i would hurt myself again so knock on wood I can do this. woohoo i had a runners high after i finished.
tomorrow the kids start MDO again, woohoo b/c we all need a break from one another. today i took them to get thier pics taken, they turned out well, tomorrow when i get the CD i will post pics, grrrrrrrrr i have to go back b/c they forgot to give it to me. oh well i want to finish watching the Palin speech and get to bed at a decent time.