Monday, September 15, 2008

skate ahead

at my mommes resell it sale i found three pairs of skates so on Sunday the kids took to skating, they actually are alot better than what i thought, they walk more than skate but they love them. yesterday Maddie and Zack came over and skated with them. the sale went well, i made some good money but i am exhausted from this weekend, and battling a cold. this week is another crazy week with the baptism and birthday party, we have forty people who will be at our house on sunday, yikes that is alot but when you factor in two other sets of triplets that is alot. i wanted to invite some of their other friends but do to maximum occupancy LOL i can't. I have my list made, the only thing that is bad is my cake lady cancelled on me, her uncle is dying she needs to go out of town this weekend,no biggie i think i will just get teh cakes from Sams since i am making a big trip there on Friday or Saturday or both. i may try and make my own cupcakes if i can find my big tip for the icing, it really won't be that hard i can do that on Saturday night. i work tues and wednesday, why i signed up for 4 extra hours is beyond me, it seems as though i always do that when i need the time off. oh well i want to be in bed by 930 so i have 15 extra minutes.

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Stephanie said...

Look at christian the trick skater go!!! Those look like tons of fun and will be a blast in the unfinished area this winter!!