Tuesday, September 16, 2008

spin the baby

my cousin who lives in chicago has a baby 6 months older than Hayden so we get all the passed on goodies. this little spin thing that Hayden is on in the second pic is so cute, i have never seen it before but it is made by Lamaze toys,
Chris asked yesterday when he came home what Hayden was doing on that so i told him we were playing spin the baby. being that Amanda Johnson is always looking for photo ops i took this as one and was laying on my stomach getting all sorts of pics of him and he was smiling big time, Amanda must have been sending me telepathic messages.

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Stephanie said...

How cute! Looks like an awesome toy to have around the house next thing you will see your other munchkins playing sit and spin.

Amanda said...

That is one HANDSOME boy and a very neat toy! LOL your pictures look great. You got some great eye contact.