Sunday, September 7, 2008

my big kids

okay i hope this picture of Hayden also pops up b/c it is cute and it marks his 4 month mark. Yikes my baby is 4 months old, i just weighed him this evening and he is around 15lbs, he wears size 3 diapers, for some reason the 2's fit but if he naps in his crib he pees out the side so i went up a size. He is really giggling ALOT, he has been laughing out loud for around a month but he has the giggles and I LOVE IT. the other pic is of the kiddos. Hayden has been waking up alot to eat at night, i can see two teeth at the bottom so i hope that is the culprit, anyway i was being nice and not waking Chris up, well last night i told him to please feed Hayden so he did and i slept like 6 hours in a row, can we say heaven. needless to say sorry honey no more nice guy, i need my sleep. the kids were pills last night and i told Chris i had just had it and was about to blow, have you ever had those moments where you just don't like your kids, well i was there, i know that sounds bad but seriously. Christian threw a tanturm that was so ugly last night i carried him to the car while he was kicking and screaming i attempted to strap him in his car seat, and then i just started crying b/c i had enough, my back hurts tonight from trying to strap him in he is a strong ox.

a little funny today the kids were playing outside when we got home from the gym, Emma came inside crying saying, "that little brown boy keeps pushing our cars outside" i could have died. Chris was outside talking to our neighbors Joe and Teresa and their little boy Loyal was playing with the cozy coupes, i don't know why Emma got so upset she usually will share her toys with little kids well. I told her Emma that is Loyal and he can play with our cars, i said we don't say brown boy we just say boy. Chris and i don't talk about color of skin obviously b/c she said brown. and it is funny b/c just the other day i was wondering at what age do they start to discover diversity, well obviously now. oh well i am exhausted again, my legs ache from my workout today. good night.
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Jennifer said...

Yeah, Connor points out brown people too. I think it's just because he is telling us what color everything is. It is quite embarrassing when he says it out in public.

Stephanie said...

Hayden is such a great giggler I would just have to make him laugh all the time it is so darn cute. I tickle Maggie just so I can hear her laugh.