Thursday, September 27, 2007

keep me in your prayers

Last Thursday i found out i am pregnant, shock, gasp.... anyway i have been spotting since Sunday morning, old blood but still enough to have me wondering what is going on. had another ultrasound today, luckily there was only one baby in there, no heartbeat yet but not uncommon for seven weeks. i had blood drawn today and will get the results tomorrow to see if my numbers are going up. I am extremely tired, nauseated from 4-8 pm everyday so far, and just all around anxious. this was a complete surprise, if i am going to miscarry i just want to get it over and done with rather than this long waiting. ughh. i will let you all know tomorrow how it goes, i am seven weeks now. anyhow keep me in your prayers i really need the sanity, okay what sanity i do have, hard to keep sanity with triplets. i can't pick up my kids which is so hard for me not to do but i do have to say my back feels like a million bucks and i can't work out which you all know is killing me. Heck i have even given up my diet mountain dew. oh well i am exhausted and ready for bed. good night.

Monday, September 24, 2007


it was a busy busy weekend, Saturday we had a party at the firehouse and Sunday we had a family party, lots of parties. Thanks to everybody who came, the kids had a blast. Check out Steph's blog there is a link she did something cool today for the kids bday. My plan was to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese today and then to toys r us but chris instead took them to toys r us where the girls came home with these dogs that talk and supposedly grow to the size of a regualr dog, what in the world, great job Honey! All Christian wanted was more zoo animals and Tarzan.
not feeling really in a great mood, i am down but praying to get back up. I will explain later what i mean, in a couple of weeks.

So happy birthday to my miracle kids, you truly bring light into my life every day and have made me a better person. Christian you are such a ham, I love how you will walk right up to me say I love you and just give me a kiss for no reason, you are a sweetheart and i am blessed to have you for my son even if i will carry you to highschool most likely.
Emma you are such a great sport you have always seemed to take the back burner since a newborn and you go with the flow. I love how you want to go everywhere with me and are such a great help, you share and really take care of your brother and sister.
Audrey you are such a smart little cookie and have my tempermant to a tee, even though at times you test me you also make me a stronger person. I love how you ask if you can do something.
Babies i love you and you have made such a difference in our lives, you light up the room, and just know you are loved by so many people. Happy 3rd Birthday!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

more vacation pics

so i have been very busy these last two days, its only going to get busier but i haven't picked up the camera since Sunday. the kids bday parties are this weekend, i worked tonght and am tired but i had to pay bills so i thought i would post. the last pic i thought was kinda cool.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more vacation pics

okay Chris got the cute idea to bury the kids in the sand so here is the best attempt at my picture, it was overcast and just chilly. the second pic is of my Emma who i will tell a story about later during her bday celebration with Aunt Pam.

today i stayed home all day, i really wanted to get to the gym but i put my big girl panties on and got alot of stuff done around the house. i sorted throught the summer stuff that was getting too small and got out their winter and fall stuff to see what i had. so i also thought what the heck i will try potty training Emma today, this morning she peed a couple drops and then got up and peed all over. When she got up from her nap completely dry i just let her run in underwear and the girl peed three drops and then the lightbulb moment clicked in and she got it, the rest of the day she went potty by herself, early evening we went outside and she ran inside saying "i have to go pee", she loves those mini oreo cookies as rewards so whatever she wants she gets. Tonight after being asleep for a bit she woke up to go pee. there is really something to be said for waiting when they get close to three, that lightbulb moment is there. now christian may be another story, i will wait until Emma has been done for awhile and then work on him, he pees on the potty occasionally but who has time to watch for cues when you have three. Chris was so nice and had such nice words for me and even made the cupcakes to take to the kids school tomorrow, so i better go get them out of the oven. He even let me go for a 45 minute walk this evening by myself, absoulte heaven, i rather have gone to the gym to get my cardio, stregnth and abs in but hey my time is limited.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

some vacation photos

okay i havent' even really edited any photos yet from vacation, i am still trying to get back in the swing of things. My goal was to go to the gym today but i didnt' get there, i did however take the kids on a walk. this am we went to Sams to get some errands done for their upcoming parties, i ordered their cupcakes, got some Capri Sun and water, and decided to do little cesars pizza for everyone. Then i went to the grocery store, our cabinets were bare. For those of you who did not know we spent ten days in Cape Cod, they were great but i am so glad to be back home, travelling with three almost three three year olds is something to be desired, the layover is what was bad. The kids did good on the trip, they took 2-3hour naps everyday but were up at 6am East Coast time which is our 5am time. yikes. At least they slept till 7 today.
I also the day before my vacation found out i have a staph infection from where my mole was removed, it kept getting infected and he did a wound culture, which the dr and i joked that it would be a staph infection but we both honestly didnt' think that was the culprit. Needless to say i was on my third round of antibiotics and felt nauseaus and sick to my stomcah alot, I think i am better although at times i do feel like i have a temp so i really need to watch it and probably call the dr in the next two days. If this antibiotic doesn't do it we go for IV antibiotics.
we did go on a whale watching tour in Provincetown, the hurricane that was on the atlantic provided for awful choppy ocean water where i got sever motion sickness and lucklily didn't puke, Chris who never gets motion sickness even thought he was going to get sick. Some lady said if that would have been her first time she would never go back. The rest of Sunday after the whale watching cruise was kinda bad, everybody felt like crap and it was raining so the day was kind of mopey. oh well i need to start gettting ready for bed and apparently Christian is needing something at this time.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

sunset on the beach

here is a sample of a picture. look at my post below also. all i can say as much as i miss the beatuiful sunsets, the sound of home and smells are just as enticing.
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....after ten great days of vacation i am happy to report we are back in town. the kids did okay, i wanted to beat "Chrsitain and Audrey yesterday. They were getting up at 615 am East Coast time which means 515 am our time back home, but it was light as day so i can't say that they were being stinkers. I did go to bed by 9pm our time every night and do feel rested. It is 736 and they are still sleeping, they kept waking up last night for water but i think they maybe only drank an ounce yesterday travelling and they didn't eat supper, but they diddn't even want McDonalds, and there were NO McDonalds on Cape Cod. I have my MOMMES picnic today at 1, yikes no nap, i dread even getting back in the car but it will be fun. Audrey last night when we got home said, OH look at all the toys I found" they were so excited to be home and have to say i agree 100%. Amy or Amanda i have some overexposed or under photos that i think would be great could you take a look at them and try to fix them, let me know how i should send them. oh well hello again and maybe i can post photos tongiht, that might be alot and i am on call tomorrow but i promis pics as soon as i get time. AHHHHHHH home sweet home.

Friday, September 7, 2007

beach is great

hello out there the beach is wonderful, have lots of new photos to post.