Monday, September 24, 2007


it was a busy busy weekend, Saturday we had a party at the firehouse and Sunday we had a family party, lots of parties. Thanks to everybody who came, the kids had a blast. Check out Steph's blog there is a link she did something cool today for the kids bday. My plan was to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese today and then to toys r us but chris instead took them to toys r us where the girls came home with these dogs that talk and supposedly grow to the size of a regualr dog, what in the world, great job Honey! All Christian wanted was more zoo animals and Tarzan.
not feeling really in a great mood, i am down but praying to get back up. I will explain later what i mean, in a couple of weeks.

So happy birthday to my miracle kids, you truly bring light into my life every day and have made me a better person. Christian you are such a ham, I love how you will walk right up to me say I love you and just give me a kiss for no reason, you are a sweetheart and i am blessed to have you for my son even if i will carry you to highschool most likely.
Emma you are such a great sport you have always seemed to take the back burner since a newborn and you go with the flow. I love how you want to go everywhere with me and are such a great help, you share and really take care of your brother and sister.
Audrey you are such a smart little cookie and have my tempermant to a tee, even though at times you test me you also make me a stronger person. I love how you ask if you can do something.
Babies i love you and you have made such a difference in our lives, you light up the room, and just know you are loved by so many people. Happy 3rd Birthday!

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AmyWhit said...

Happy birthday Christina, Emma and Audrey! Hope you had a very special day today and enjoyed your time out with daddy! Keep us posted on those growing dogs! LOL.

Jennifer said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful children. All are so different, but yet so sweet in all their own ways. Still can't believe it's been three the time flies.

Amanda said...

Ummm...why didn't Chris just get them a REAL dog, LOL! I'm thinking you won't be letting him take the kids to the toy store anymore. Do they poop too like the Barbie dog?

Keeping you in my prayers girl! I hope all is well soon enough.

Stephanie said...

Such wonderful kids for equally wonderful parents. You guys are so blessed to have each other. You will see each other through anything life throws at you!! Praying the next three years will have as many joys as the last!Our Prayers are with you!