Sunday, September 16, 2007


....after ten great days of vacation i am happy to report we are back in town. the kids did okay, i wanted to beat "Chrsitain and Audrey yesterday. They were getting up at 615 am East Coast time which means 515 am our time back home, but it was light as day so i can't say that they were being stinkers. I did go to bed by 9pm our time every night and do feel rested. It is 736 and they are still sleeping, they kept waking up last night for water but i think they maybe only drank an ounce yesterday travelling and they didn't eat supper, but they diddn't even want McDonalds, and there were NO McDonalds on Cape Cod. I have my MOMMES picnic today at 1, yikes no nap, i dread even getting back in the car but it will be fun. Audrey last night when we got home said, OH look at all the toys I found" they were so excited to be home and have to say i agree 100%. Amy or Amanda i have some overexposed or under photos that i think would be great could you take a look at them and try to fix them, let me know how i should send them. oh well hello again and maybe i can post photos tongiht, that might be alot and i am on call tomorrow but i promis pics as soon as i get time. AHHHHHHH home sweet home.

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