Monday, July 28, 2008

my two boys

Today i layed Hayden on the floor to play, and christian layed down next to him, so i thought i would whip out the old camera. i like the one where they are both smiling, they are both getting so big. Not much new here today we went to the gym then my mom came over so i could find something to wear for my class reunion this weekend, i am so excited for the Homecoming its always alot of fun and i get to see alot of people that i haven't seen in awhile, the only downfall it is hot, hot, hot and as I age, i don't tolerate the heat quite as well, plus its kind of hard to drink a cold beer in the heat as it warms quickly. Oh well this will be a short post as i have CRABBY GIRLS, and i want to give them a bath before Hayden wakes up again to eat. He must be in a growth spurt b/c he has eaten all day and i am extremely hungry which is typical for growth spurts. have a great evening.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my growing cutie

Hayden LOVES to be just in his diaper, he is my trailer park baby. he would love to be completely naked but my couch can only take so much torture from his bottom. We didn't do much today while the kiddos were at MDO, i payed some bills and just relaxed, this bloating from the surgery is getting worse, i did go for a 2.5 mile walk this evening and i feel a tinge better. today i am just sore at the incision site and am dealing with the bloating that does wonders for my ego when stepping on the scale, NOT. dont' want to go there. The kids were super tired from being at my moms for two nights, they didnt' want to leave and needless to say the ride home from school was something to be desired. Audrey was throwing a fit the whole way home and tried to talk to Christian, Christian politely said" Audrey i am not talking to you, I don't like your attitude" i could only laugh. Last night Hayden decided to wake up every two hours so i am beat, tomorrow my moms friend and her grandkids are coming over so i am really going to lay around tomorrow and hope this gas starts to leave my body. I am thinking the new TArget opens tomorrow, that is what our local paper said but the sign says the 27th, i sure hope it is tomorrow, i am super excited to have a Target that close to my house, i know you can't stand the excitement either, its the little things in life.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

a final chapter

today was the final chapter in my reporductive history, i had a tubal ligation. it was very sad for me as i will have no more kiddos, but i also feel like we have completed our family. i didn't think it would be any big deal, yeah right the cramping was awful and i couldn't empty my bladder until around 5pm, i do not like general anesthesia, i am feeling much better but i am off to bed super tired. I had a great day, chris played mr. mom and worked on dishes, laundry, etc,. it was nice to be a slug for a day even if i had to have surgery for it. the triplets are at my moms for the second night in a row and Mr. hayden is with us. it was also nice to not have any back talk today when i wasn't feeling good. Tomorrow i pick them up, i do miss not tucking them in bed but it is nice to also have a break and have the house to ourselves for a day, i can watch whatever i want, sneak in some chocolate without sharing or just using the bathroom by myself!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

some new pics

last weekend i attempted to put hayden in the bumbo he did fairly well in it, Emma wanted to also be in the picture, wow just looking at it he looks like mini christian. the last pic is of Audrey on Sunday when she had the stomach flu, i didn't know where she was and she was asleep on the floor behind the couch asleep on her grover. Monday i was bless with the stomach crud and it is back with a venegance today, i was so hungry this evening that i ate a piece of pizza well now i feel like i could puke. Yesterday i was blessed with getting a root canal, i thought i was just getting a temp crown put on but then when they started putting all this crap in my mouth i wondered, then about 1.5 hours into it i had to break, i had tears in my eyes, my jaws were excruciating from just having them open so long, i didnt even have that much pain with my csection. today i talked to my friend who is a dental assistant and she said ask for a bite stick or something that you can rest your jaws on if i have to have another one, she said normally they don't tell you about it. I need to go back to the dentist tomorrow to have them adjust the temp crown, my bite is off big time and my tooth is starting to hurt b/c of it. Today while the kids were at MDO i had to get another cordless phone, our other one broke, and a new cell phone, my old ones screen didn't come on. Hayden decided he wanted to eat in Macy's so i sat in the intimates dept on a couch and fed him, i will have to remember that spot for next time, I told Steph that it is all in the boob section so why not.
Off the subject Chris and i headed to the gym last night and i saw some things that really bother me first of all, DON'T WEAR SCRUBS TO THE GYM, honestly i wear them to work and while they are comfortable they are not made for working out, and secondly clean the freaking equipment after you sweat all over it, come on. okay off my soapbox.

tonight our neighbor has told us multiple times to please use thier pool, well tonight me and the kids did just that. we headed to the pool for 45 minutes and they thought it was great, it had finally cooled off and was pleasant outside and the water felt great. not much planned for this weekend. I am having my tubal on Monday so just keep me in your prayers.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

yucky stomach flu

so last week when i was picking the kids up in the gym i noticed somebody mopping the floor, i think somebody puked so far Christian has had it, Audrey got it around early Sunday am and still today isn't eating well. i haven't puked but have it in another location which is awful, i think i am dehydrated. I had my mom come over this afternoon and now my mother in law is here b/c i can't walk 10 feet without making a trip to the bathroom. I want a dairy queen blizzard it is the onhly thing that sounds appetizing which probably is the worst thing to eat but i need something in my stomach. of course no working out today since i felt crappy but hopefully tomorrow night we will head to the gym again, weight watchers is going pretty good, i iost 2.5lbs this week, woohoo. oh well off to bed as i am not feeling that great.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 months already

My baby is two months today, I can't believe it. Last year around this time i had a speculation we would have a new addition in 2008 but i just thought it was my wishful thinking. He is smiling up a storm, occaisionally laughs, is grasping my shirt, has rolled over twice from stomach to side and is a much less fussier baby than the first six weeks of his life. I am now able to set him down for periods of time, he seems to like looking at the couch and the ceiling fan and of course his brother and sisters. I am completely swoon by my baby, i still of course and in love with the triplets but it was much harder and longer to bond with them b/c of all the sleep deprivation and just busy. I can't describe it, i always thought i would have to work to have some me time but last week at work i just have no desire to be there, i want to be home with my family. I thought about quitting but i do need to keep my skills up and i at least get out of the house but i will work the bare minimum. I dont regret holding him nonstop, he is not spoiled by an means, i do regret not holding the triplets more as babies but there wasnt as much time for that. As far as Emma, Audrey and Christian go they are AWESOME big brother and sisters, i really havent' seen any jealousy, except when it comes time for breakfast. I feel bad my time is more limited with them adding one more to the family but they don't seem to mind. Anyway i am rambling on here and i need to get ready, i am taking the triplets swimming tod ay. I also am beginning to appreciate my body for what it is not what i had, i will get to my goal weight but it is doing a job right now. Who would have ever thought i would have a time in my life where my weight wasn't my hobby! The pics below are showing how Hayden holds his head up,a gain he is a genius,bathtime, and i love the one where he is smiling at Christian, he was just grinning ear to ear at him, and the last pic is one from the 4th.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris

Just wanted to wish Chris a happy 35th birthday, wow i thought he was only 34 until i counted, wow my mind is slipping. Hayden gave Chris a great bday present, he slept from his 8pm bottle provided by Chris until 3am, woohoo! Then Chris fed him again and he went right back to sleep which he hasn't been doing so I am completely exhausted. Hayden likes to smile and coo after his wee hour feedings. I am hoping tonight Chris will want to eat at Chevy's for his birthday. Hope your birthday is awesome! We love you!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

missing in action

i'm back our computer had a lovely virus and was in the hospital for a week, Chris b rought it home last night and 2.5 hours later with technical support he finally got it running again, he even missed training to get it all figured out. there was no way with 4 kids i could have spent that long on the phone without locking htem in the closet, LOL not much new here, the kids are back in MDO, last week was bible school. On sunday we went to the Y for open swim which was alot of fun, it was only 70 degrees and raining so we couldnt' go to my moms pool, yesterday we ventured to the zoo with Brian, Stephanie and Maggie. I decided to go prn at work which is working out great, they called me today and so i am working tonight from 7-11 with my friend Tasha, i was only going to work if it was her working. Tomorrow is Chris's birthday and i think we will go out to eat. Can't believe it is already July, the summer is going by quickly. no vacations for us this year but next September we will be once again venturing to Disney with my mom so we will go over the kids bday, they will be five then and Hayden will be 15 months. oh well Hayden is hungry again, i think he hit a growth spurt, he is 8 weeks old today!

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