Monday, July 28, 2008

my two boys

Today i layed Hayden on the floor to play, and christian layed down next to him, so i thought i would whip out the old camera. i like the one where they are both smiling, they are both getting so big. Not much new here today we went to the gym then my mom came over so i could find something to wear for my class reunion this weekend, i am so excited for the Homecoming its always alot of fun and i get to see alot of people that i haven't seen in awhile, the only downfall it is hot, hot, hot and as I age, i don't tolerate the heat quite as well, plus its kind of hard to drink a cold beer in the heat as it warms quickly. Oh well this will be a short post as i have CRABBY GIRLS, and i want to give them a bath before Hayden wakes up again to eat. He must be in a growth spurt b/c he has eaten all day and i am extremely hungry which is typical for growth spurts. have a great evening.

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Stephanie said...

Those two are going to be trouble when they get older Marisa and Maggie and all the Triplet girls you know are going to be fighting over them!!!

AmyWhit said...

What handsome fellows you have there! I like the smiling pic too.

Jennifer said...

Such cuties you have. Christian and Hayden will be great friends soon!