Thursday, July 17, 2008

some new pics

last weekend i attempted to put hayden in the bumbo he did fairly well in it, Emma wanted to also be in the picture, wow just looking at it he looks like mini christian. the last pic is of Audrey on Sunday when she had the stomach flu, i didn't know where she was and she was asleep on the floor behind the couch asleep on her grover. Monday i was bless with the stomach crud and it is back with a venegance today, i was so hungry this evening that i ate a piece of pizza well now i feel like i could puke. Yesterday i was blessed with getting a root canal, i thought i was just getting a temp crown put on but then when they started putting all this crap in my mouth i wondered, then about 1.5 hours into it i had to break, i had tears in my eyes, my jaws were excruciating from just having them open so long, i didnt even have that much pain with my csection. today i talked to my friend who is a dental assistant and she said ask for a bite stick or something that you can rest your jaws on if i have to have another one, she said normally they don't tell you about it. I need to go back to the dentist tomorrow to have them adjust the temp crown, my bite is off big time and my tooth is starting to hurt b/c of it. Today while the kids were at MDO i had to get another cordless phone, our other one broke, and a new cell phone, my old ones screen didn't come on. Hayden decided he wanted to eat in Macy's so i sat in the intimates dept on a couch and fed him, i will have to remember that spot for next time, I told Steph that it is all in the boob section so why not.
Off the subject Chris and i headed to the gym last night and i saw some things that really bother me first of all, DON'T WEAR SCRUBS TO THE GYM, honestly i wear them to work and while they are comfortable they are not made for working out, and secondly clean the freaking equipment after you sweat all over it, come on. okay off my soapbox.

tonight our neighbor has told us multiple times to please use thier pool, well tonight me and the kids did just that. we headed to the pool for 45 minutes and they thought it was great, it had finally cooled off and was pleasant outside and the water felt great. not much planned for this weekend. I am having my tubal on Monday so just keep me in your prayers.

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Stephanie said...

Poor Audrey she looks wiped out. Hayden looks like a big boy in the seat man he is a biggin!!

Amanda said...

Hayden looks just like Christian! Hope your over that stomach bug...doesn't sound fun!

Jennifer said...

No doubt about it! He is Christian double.