Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 months already

My baby is two months today, I can't believe it. Last year around this time i had a speculation we would have a new addition in 2008 but i just thought it was my wishful thinking. He is smiling up a storm, occaisionally laughs, is grasping my shirt, has rolled over twice from stomach to side and is a much less fussier baby than the first six weeks of his life. I am now able to set him down for periods of time, he seems to like looking at the couch and the ceiling fan and of course his brother and sisters. I am completely swoon by my baby, i still of course and in love with the triplets but it was much harder and longer to bond with them b/c of all the sleep deprivation and just busy. I can't describe it, i always thought i would have to work to have some me time but last week at work i just have no desire to be there, i want to be home with my family. I thought about quitting but i do need to keep my skills up and i at least get out of the house but i will work the bare minimum. I dont regret holding him nonstop, he is not spoiled by an means, i do regret not holding the triplets more as babies but there wasnt as much time for that. As far as Emma, Audrey and Christian go they are AWESOME big brother and sisters, i really havent' seen any jealousy, except when it comes time for breakfast. I feel bad my time is more limited with them adding one more to the family but they don't seem to mind. Anyway i am rambling on here and i need to get ready, i am taking the triplets swimming tod ay. I also am beginning to appreciate my body for what it is not what i had, i will get to my goal weight but it is doing a job right now. Who would have ever thought i would have a time in my life where my weight wasn't my hobby! The pics below are showing how Hayden holds his head up,a gain he is a genius,bathtime, and i love the one where he is smiling at Christian, he was just grinning ear to ear at him, and the last pic is one from the 4th.

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Amanda said...

He is such a handsome young lad...just like his big brother. Take time and enjoy your family Dana! You deserve it!

Stephanie said...

Holy cow it is going by way too fast Dana!!! He is such a cutie and I bet he loves his kiddos as muvh as they love him all that attention how wouldn't ...that is until he is about 2 and won't leave them alone!!!