Thursday, May 31, 2007


this picture was actually taken last evening, I made an Angel Food cake, my fav and gave the kids some for snack, which they loved. I topped it with cool whip and Emma said, "I like it" i keep thinking of Mikey from Kix cereal i think. I didn't take any pics today, we had a crazy morning, i ended up walking/running four miles at the gym this am and then we came home so i could shower. We walked down to see the ducks but they weren't there, i guess they were out to lunch. It was kinda windy and cool by the lake so we headed back to eat lunch. I made the famous Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, I switched and am now using All Natural Peanut Butter, the oil on the top freaks me out alittle but when it is in the fridge you dont' really have to stir it much but it is like a fine crunchy, i am also using Polaner all fruit Jelly, the kids ate it right up so hey whatever works. I just get a little more freaked out with all this crap they put in foods nowadays. Of course i still drink my swamp water Diet Mountain Dew but hey i know the facts.
My boss just called and asked if i wanted to stay at home, ah yes but hello i do want to get paid and dont' want to use my vacation time so fortunately it is not my turn to get cancelled, i guess next week will be my turn again. for some reason our deliveries are down, it will pick back up again next full moon.
Not much new here, we will be going to the Shriners parade tomorrow evening and possibly using our swimming pass tomorrow if it warms up. If not we are going to play outside. The girls still aren't asleep and they have been in bed for forty minutes but they are playing quietly and happily so whatever works. I just wish they would at least nap a little. Oh i better get ready for work.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Audrey for sale

here are some pictures from this evening, the last one Audrey was screaming "
cut it out, i want to go in NOW" and in this picture is when she started screaming at me, just yelling, i was cracking up which probably PO"d her a little. We didnt' do anything but go to the gym and Hollywood Video, which going to a movie place with six free hands is not the best idea, they were grabbing everything in sight and then Emma ran off to get some chocalate, i know i spelled that wrong. anyway this is short b/c for some reason this is the second attempt to post.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


okay for some reason my last post deleted this photo and quit typing so i was saying my knee hurt b/c i dont' think running is great for my knees, i had a pretty bad knee injury in college, from falling sober, honestly, and it just hurts like the dickens right now so i am going to go ice it. but here is Audrey pouting. check out the other photos below. also for some reason Emma doesn't want to look at the camera anymore that is why she doesn't get any posts.
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my almost three year old attitude

not much new here, hopefully we will have our pool passes by Friday, woohoo probably won't go swimming until Monday but they will be here, who knows maybe we will go on Sunday. today i drug out the baby pool from two years ago, why did my husband throw the big one away? anyway the kids went nuts and played nonstop for two hours after we got home from the gym, fine by me. they didn't take a long nap though so i think naps may be every other day thing now, oh well, it is hot and we will be swimming so no biggie, i think.
the first pic was of Audrey this am watching Lion King, i like the lighting, the second picture i got her mid pout this evening, when i said no we can't go see the ducks again. the next pic is the ducks they are getting so big, i just posted a pic last week and they were babies, i guess other people are feeding them also b/c my kids usually eat the bread intended for the ducks. the last picture is Christian drinking out of his new water bottle i bought them at Target tonight. I took them with me and they were really good. oh well my knee is killing me, i just dont' think runnni
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

three heads are better than one

okay so today i was checking my email and i heard some banging so i went to check on them and this is what i found, the banging was i guess the toys flying out of the toyboxes, the kids had lined them up just like this and they were playing on them. these pics arent' the best quality but i just love their creativeness. anyway off to get ready for work.

we are going to our first parade tomorrow if it doesnt' rain.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

busy day

tonight after the shower we went to my moms house, well i met them there, Christian was laying on the floor being a goof and i snapped this picture, i thought it was cute.

the next picture is Melissa's belly, she brought me to my moms after the shower, she had seen some photos of preggo women doing this so i thought it was cute so i took a picture and this will go in the middle of her frame that i bought her.

not much exciting here, went to Soulard today with Steph which was nice without kids and we didn't even have alcohol, LOL, not having to keep an eye on darting kids is about as nice as a night with Bud, had Melissa's shower today which was nice, didn't get as good as photos as i would have liked but the lighting sucked and i was off to the side, oh well she had fun and the cake was delicious. Thank you tenth street bakery. off to go to bed, i am wiped.

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Friday, May 25, 2007


i was just playing and i like the way this one turned out also with the soft focus. check out my post below.
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a great day

Pam was here today, hooray. so i finished my running, found a picture frame that i will redo for Melissa, it is so cute, i will post a picture of it when i'm done. I returned my shorts, i honestly could do some damage in Ann Taylor Loft, they have amazing clothes, while they are on the tad pricey side, their quality is amazing. I wanted to buy more stuff but i will wait till it goes on sale. I went to the gym with no kids and picked up Melissa's cake from 10th Street Bakery, i am a rockin friend! I work tonight so i better make this short and sweet, still need to eat lunch and i want to top off my tank of gas. this pic was taken the other day when the kiddos were walking around the house, i like that their backs are towards me.
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

melissa's pictue frame

okay hopefully i can find a three picture frame to hang on the wall, here are quick photos i took of the kiddos today. do you like? check my post below also

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a day in the life of a child

so today we did our usual routine, gym and then to Sarah's, we played there for a while and then came home to eat lunch, i hope the kids nap they fell asleep in the car. Lauren hurt her foot so Chris picked her up, apparently her mom and her got into a huge fight so she came here and didn't go home after school today. Fine by me, the girl before we got home, folded the kids clothes on the table, picked up my living room, and made the girls beds, Chris didnt' ask her she did it on her own. I hope once my girls turn into bratty teenagers they at least will make somebody happy even if they piss me off. Lauren is a good kid, do you want me to send her to your house. Steph and Jen she would make an awesome babysitter for an evening, sure she likes cash but you could come home to a picked up house, can't beat that. So i figured out what to get Melissa, well we got her a Bumbo seat and then i am going to have everybody at work write on cardstock and take their picture for well wishes for baby Tanous, i thought it was thoughtful and i will give her this when my little nephew is born. Hope he is a boy. Auntie Dana will take care of your photos baby, hopefully when i babysit so she can nap i can get a good picture of all three kiddos, i was thinking everybody in bare feet with the baby.

so my pictues, christian found Meg's markers, AHHHHHHHH and only colored on her table a little, sorry Sarah but here was him drawing, i like photos where they aren't looking. the next pic Emma and Audrery are in the Phillip's yard patting the fake bunny, while i was putting the cap on my lense Emma was walking up the hill carrying the dang thing, I"m like Emma that is not ours so she drops it in middle of the yard. the last picture is audrey being silly, Christian is not practicing a new fad his pants were too big so I rolled them. I will post the pictures i took to put in a frame for Melissa tomorrow, please give your honest comments.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

summer is almost here

not much new here, today i went to lunch at Chevy's at it was yummy, i had salad the same thing i always get when i am there and a ton of chips and salsa, then i made a beeline for Target for my hair dryer, diapers and two new swimsuits for the girls. i need to take Emma's back b/c it is too big, they are napping in them right now, hey whatever you want to wear to nap is fine with me, gets them out of my hair for awhile. LOL I finally decided on a pool to join, i was going to do Belleville Pool until i found out that the clientele kids aren't supervised at all, i am not prejudiced, and i hate certain words but i'm sorry if you don't watch your kids and they trample on mine, white, black whatever i am not putting up with it. I don't care what color you are as long as you take care of your property and watch your kiddos fine by me. I want my kids to grow up not judging somebody by their color, heck i didn't know what the n word was until i was in high school. so i talked to my friend Pam and we will be joining Westhaven which means that Chris will become an Elk member, thanks honey! Today at lunch somebody said "oh then you will be a lady elk, i sure hope at the initiation Chris and I can get matching elk heads to put above our bed, wouldn't that look great. Maybe we could even get hats. I figure we will go to the Y, then head off to the pool and i won't be running everywhere. Plus can you believe thet Belleville Pool doesn't open until noon, oh no nap time starts no later than 130.

so anyway my pictures, Christian woke up way before the girls yesterday and was really cheesing it up for pictures, usually he says no and looks the other way but i got some great photos, isnt he a doll, i am loving that dimple on his left cheek. the next picture they were all sitting in their "boat" thats what they called it , I was chatting with Steph so missed the good photo op when they were all happy, not sure why Audrey is crying but at least the picture turned out good.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

triplets adventure

well this morning was hard for me to get up, i worked last night, and was out taking care of moms this time with no help. I love taking care of adults again and i even got an IV on the first stick. I am pretty good at IV"S in babies but its been a long time since i stuck an adult. when i worked on the adult floor I used to be the one they would call if nobody could get an IV so i guess i have one skill. Anyway i just started taking care of adults again in the end of March but they left me with no other nurse, and i was thinking i'm screwed if i have a question b/c who in the heck will i ask? i did have questions but i figured them out on my own, my patients were good but they kept spiking fevers, then one started wheezing, then one said her legs were numb and so on, needless to say i was frustrated and i couldn't sleep well last night b/c the night kept playing through my head.
So at 9 we headed off to the gym where Sarah met me and then we came home and I got to see my friend Susie and her daughters that i used to be a mother's helper with 22 years ago, yikes i feel old. the girls graduated from college last week with Biology and Chemistry degrees both going into pre med and are taking the summer off to go to Las Vegas to stay with their sister. Go Staci and Cori! Then the pictures are from our daily walk to the lake we decided to take bread to feed the mama and baby ducks, but Christian ended up eating two slices of it, LOL. I have been letting the kiddos walk with me, it is about a half mile walk and they do good for the most part, and love seeing the ducks. Audrey was just staring at the male duck in this pic and i thought it was cute. The last picture Audrey was the leader and Emma was the follower but how cute is that? oh well i need to comb through my hair, i still haven't had a chance to get a new hairdryer. My mommes dinner is tonight and it is invite a friend or helper, Sarah is going with me, we are trying the Texas Roadhouse, i havent' been there yet. Tomorrow i am going to lunch with Wendy and her husband who just got back from Iraq, and some gals from work so two outings in two days, woohoo. oh well hope all you had a great day.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

no pictures today

sorry guys, i havent' even touched my camera today. I"m kinda in a funk and dont' know why. I have to work tonight 3-11 and i did four loads of laundry that i need to finish folding and wash some dishes before work. I guess i could ask my mom to do it but then i would feel bad. This am we went to the gym, we got there a little later than i wanted but traffic in downtown Belleville has been nuts, not sure why. I got a raise at work and the evening shift differential is going up so my paychecks will be a little nicer, yeah! We wont' be doing much this weekend, i think i will see if my friend Melissa wants the crib she is borrowing set up on Saturday after her shower, still dont' know what to get her. It is her third baby and i want to get her something awesome, i probably should do something for her. oh well i better do my hair, my hairdryer broke and my hair was let to air dry and it is very scary. please give me any ideas!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

more pictures

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a busy weekend

this weekend was busy but beautiful weather. it was the Swansea Fireman's picnic and we spent the majority of the days outside. Audrey finally figured out how to peddle her tricylce although i don't think she likes all the work it entails, this was a lightbulb moment for her. in the next picute Christian was watering well pouring sand on my plants. today after their naps i put them in their swimming suits and turned on the sprinkler, Audrey loved it and kept saying "get wet with me" christian didn't really like it and Emma loved to look at it but i dont' think she wanted to get her hair wet. i am posting twice today cause i love the pics from Audrey and the sprinkler. Last evening i took the kids back to the park only b/c we had extra ride tickets, all three loved this spaceship ride, you could see the excitement on their face when they went on it, and all three got to ride side by side. When they were on the cars Audrey and Emma would just look at each other and giggle, it was a heart warming moment for me, you could just see the love for one another in their eyes, brings tears to my eyes even typing about it.
I had a nice compliment from people i usually dont' talk to this weekend, they complimented on how patient i was and great with the kids, I needed that b/c i tend to think i am so impatient and focus on the negative things about my parenting skills, i felt really good. Last night the kiddos stayed at my moms, the first time they stayed away without us. It was so wonderful sleeping through the entire night and i woke up around 745 this am, usually i am awake by six. so then i went back to bed until 9 and then got my kiddos and we played hard outside. oh well this chicca is tired and i need to post the rest of the photos. good night. oh and christian and Audrey are finally getting rid of their coughs! hope Parker and cole are on the road to recovery!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

two posts in one day

okay i tried to blog this last night and when i checked it today it wasn't there so check my post below also. the pic of Chris was on the camera, i didn't take it I was at work, so i have no clue what he was doing but if he is goofy enough to pull a goofy stunt here it is goofball. I can hear Emma saying Daddy what are you doing now?

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