Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Audrey for sale

here are some pictures from this evening, the last one Audrey was screaming "
cut it out, i want to go in NOW" and in this picture is when she started screaming at me, just yelling, i was cracking up which probably PO"d her a little. We didnt' do anything but go to the gym and Hollywood Video, which going to a movie place with six free hands is not the best idea, they were grabbing everything in sight and then Emma ran off to get some chocalate, i know i spelled that wrong. anyway this is short b/c for some reason this is the second attempt to post.

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Stephanie said...

SOLD!! I will take them all if need be. For some reason it is easier to handle other people's children... Cute picutes They look like they are having a blast in the pool.

Amanda said...

I'll take her too...maybe between P and her they could just have a screaming contest. LOL I'm sure if we just swapped kids we'd both be lying about how our kids behave. LOL I'm sure they are sick of us just as much as we are sick of them. Is it time for school yet? LOL

Jennifer said...

I'll take her too, only if you'll take Connor. If I hear "Mommy, I want to go outside" one more time, I am gonna scream!! (Did I mention he doesn't say it nice AT ALL!! Gotta love every bit of 'em, even the honory parts