Sunday, May 13, 2007

a party kind of day

and i don't mean with Bud, kinda hard to pay attention after i've been with too many Buds so it had to be a date with Aquafina. anyway the first pictures is of Miss Maggie, Audrey left her plate of ice cream laying around and Maggie found it, all of a sudden we were like , uh oh what does Maggie have, gotta love this picture, i hope you weren't mad Steph but i had to get this Kodak moment and her look is funny. the next one i took of Cole when Bill was holding him, he is so cute, i could just squeeze him. I don't know who was bosssing who around between Maggie and Audrey might be a tie, and the last picture Connor's look is priceless. All in all it was a fun day except poor Emma with her infection. Today she was saying the area which us medical personnel call flanks was hurting, they put her on an antibiotic and she is peeing but you can tell when she pees she just shakes. poor little Emma, but at least she is in a better mood. more pics of Lauren to come.

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Jennifer said...

It was pretty funny when Maggie decided that she wanted some ice cream!! I promise, one day Connor will smile for other people...the boy is just not a social butterfly like his mommy!!! Glad I got hold squeeze Cole a little yesterday, such a cutie!!

Stephanie said...

My silly Maggie she can be a bossy one can't she oh well I would rather her be bossy like her dad than a door mat like her mom can be. Not mad at all glad you could capture the moment for me. She was a great mess though but that is what toddlers do make a mess of things right?!

Amanda said...

Loving that Maggie's priceless.