Thursday, May 10, 2007

busy busy day

i haven't taken any pics today, this morning i cleaned up the strollers that are sold and scrubbed the highchairs, which they were quite disgusting. We clean them up every night but all those little crevices just get disgusting. I am going to be selling the highchairs also so they are out of our kitchen. I am going to get a bakers rack to go in that spot but i need to find one i like so that is my next project on an MDO day. Then this morning we went to babies r us to get a new stroller, yes i know i am a stroller ho but this is my last. I wanted a double umbrella one, i really wanted a chicco double stroller, i am in love with my single chicco but they didn't have any i could test drive and i want to drive the stroller with kids in it before i buy it. The Jeep double stroller actually steered quite nicely i may check Target just in case. Emma is in bed screaming and i have gone in there five times and she is not letting up but i am sorry you need a nap, could it really be they are ready to quit napping, i am not ready for that. I am hoping they stop around age three when i can get them to understand they have to lay on the couch quietly or in their bedroom for an hour for quiet time, okay so it is me time but it sounds all the same.
My friend Cathy is doing much better she is almost positive she had a nasty virus that is going around nursery's, Cathy said she can't even fathom a newborn getting it, she said the stomach cramps were awful. Its not in the nursery that i work in Thank God, we are very anal about washing our hands, noth that all nurserys aren't but come on if you change a poop diaper wash your hands, yuck.
These pics were from the other night, this is Audrey and the next one is Christian playing with an old fischer price play radio, he loves that thing and was into it so i thought this one was cute. better get ready for work and finish putting the high chairs back together.
Audrey still has her cough and now Christian is starting it, the dr cut Christian's medicine to once a day but i am thinking he shouldn't have bc his cough is that reactive airway cough. Please no more ER visits, i can't take it. its hot enough outside to kill all the germs.
a thanks to Amanda for adding a new picture of us and posting the links to Amanda and Stephs blog, now Jen you need to start yours, it is really easy, if i can do it anybody can.
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Amanda said...

Sounds like you have been really busy.Yay for getting rid of the high chairs...I need to get the booster out for Cole, ugh! Your welcome glad I could help and it was SUPER easy too. I'll show you this weekend.

Jennifer said...

Can you come over to my house and clean?? I need a maid. Chris isn't exactly the best at picking up after himself. I think he is rubbing off on me. Don't know about the blog thing yet, I don't take enough pictures.