Friday, May 18, 2007

two posts in one day

okay i tried to blog this last night and when i checked it today it wasn't there so check my post below also. the pic of Chris was on the camera, i didn't take it I was at work, so i have no clue what he was doing but if he is goofy enough to pull a goofy stunt here it is goofball. I can hear Emma saying Daddy what are you doing now?

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Stephanie said...

What a goofball that man is... cute mommy and kids pictures priceless.

Jennifer said...

Cute pic of you and the three. It's hard to get kids to smile, but that one is great of all of you!! Chris, I will have you know, you are a DORK!!mmm...I think I gonna go eat some stuff I got a Soulard's today. YUMMY!!