Thursday, May 24, 2007

a day in the life of a child

so today we did our usual routine, gym and then to Sarah's, we played there for a while and then came home to eat lunch, i hope the kids nap they fell asleep in the car. Lauren hurt her foot so Chris picked her up, apparently her mom and her got into a huge fight so she came here and didn't go home after school today. Fine by me, the girl before we got home, folded the kids clothes on the table, picked up my living room, and made the girls beds, Chris didnt' ask her she did it on her own. I hope once my girls turn into bratty teenagers they at least will make somebody happy even if they piss me off. Lauren is a good kid, do you want me to send her to your house. Steph and Jen she would make an awesome babysitter for an evening, sure she likes cash but you could come home to a picked up house, can't beat that. So i figured out what to get Melissa, well we got her a Bumbo seat and then i am going to have everybody at work write on cardstock and take their picture for well wishes for baby Tanous, i thought it was thoughtful and i will give her this when my little nephew is born. Hope he is a boy. Auntie Dana will take care of your photos baby, hopefully when i babysit so she can nap i can get a good picture of all three kiddos, i was thinking everybody in bare feet with the baby.

so my pictues, christian found Meg's markers, AHHHHHHHH and only colored on her table a little, sorry Sarah but here was him drawing, i like photos where they aren't looking. the next pic Emma and Audrery are in the Phillip's yard patting the fake bunny, while i was putting the cap on my lense Emma was walking up the hill carrying the dang thing, I"m like Emma that is not ours so she drops it in middle of the yard. the last picture is audrey being silly, Christian is not practicing a new fad his pants were too big so I rolled them. I will post the pictures i took to put in a frame for Melissa tomorrow, please give your honest comments.

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Jennifer said...

Audrey looks sooooo grown up!!! Gotta love markers. Just be glad it wasn't a SHARPIE!!

Stephanie said...

that bunny looked real until I clicked on the picture. Glad Lauren helped you out little does she know how much the little bit that she did makes a big difference in your day !!