Friday, May 18, 2007

firemans picnic

this afternoon i took the kids to the picnic for some rides. the first ride we went on was the swings where Christian bawled like a big ole baby, no nap yesterday and less sleep does not make for happy campers. He reluctantly agreed to go in the bounce house but the picture of him has a faucet coming out of his nose, otherwise it was a good picture. Emma was having fun bouncing in the house, i don't know why but she is my photogenic one. the next pic is Devin and Meg driving in the car they were having a good time. The first go around on the cars Christian didnt' want to go but when he saw the girls having fun he tried it out. My mom was nice enough to give us 20 dollars to go on rides, rides were presold at 1.50 each and when you multiply that times three kids it doesn't go far. I have a whole story about tickets but i wont' go into that since this is public info, i think Steph knows the story grrrrrrrrrrr.. All i am saying is that when i give one kid something i will give them all the same amt. end of story.
so now i am chilling till CAthy gets here and we will go back up to the picnic, the weather was beautiful! The kids went down at 2 for a nap so hopefully they will get one more hour in!

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Stephanie said...

Those rides look fun I am going to try and take Maggie tomorrow after she gets up from nap. If they aren't too busy.

Jennifer said...

Connor LOVED the cars and the BIG slide. I took him on the slide. He had a grin on his face from ear to ear!! I can't believe how you've been getting such great pics of the Emma lately. She wants to be a model!!