Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my almost three year old attitude

not much new here, hopefully we will have our pool passes by Friday, woohoo probably won't go swimming until Monday but they will be here, who knows maybe we will go on Sunday. today i drug out the baby pool from two years ago, why did my husband throw the big one away? anyway the kids went nuts and played nonstop for two hours after we got home from the gym, fine by me. they didn't take a long nap though so i think naps may be every other day thing now, oh well, it is hot and we will be swimming so no biggie, i think.
the first pic was of Audrey this am watching Lion King, i like the lighting, the second picture i got her mid pout this evening, when i said no we can't go see the ducks again. the next pic is the ducks they are getting so big, i just posted a pic last week and they were babies, i guess other people are feeding them also b/c my kids usually eat the bread intended for the ducks. the last picture is Christian drinking out of his new water bottle i bought them at Target tonight. I took them with me and they were really good. oh well my knee is killing me, i just dont' think runnni
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Jennifer said...

It stinks that Emma doesn't like the camera lately. Maybe next week will be better. Cute ones of Audrey and Christian.

Stephanie said...

Love that picture of Christian he looks like such a big boy.

Amanda said...

It's a phase that comes and goes about looking at the camera. Parker wasn't looking for the longest time and now lately he has been. I think refusing to nap is also a phase. Parker the past 3 weeks tells me he's tired and wants to nap and sleeps almost 4 hours.