Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Monday

so we didn't do much today, last night i started with vomiting and diarrhea again at bedtime and felt like crap last night around 930pm, after i got sick within 2 hours i was feeling better just weak b/c it was a large amount. then i slept awful last night and know that i did sleep but it doesn't feel like a deep sleep. Tonight i am going to go to work from 3-11 and then tomorrow i am watching Melissa's kiddos while she has her dr's appt. I can't believe that Wednesday is the kiddos last day of school, they will be going this summer on Thursdays. I may stick them in two days a week since my aunt is sick and probably will be needing surgery, i'm sure she won't be able to come back for awhile and i need my sanity on hot summer days. I haven't decided what i am going to do, plus July is going to be bad with Chris's parents gone, and my mom out of commision for awhile, and Chris leaving to go to get the firetruck. yikes. anyway here is our new patio set and the next two pics are of Emma and Audrey from yesterday. I love Emma popsicle pictures, she loves those things, well who doesn't. In a couple of weeks anyone care to join for margaritas on the patio? we can take a group picture, the chairs are calling your names.

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Stephanie said...

Sorry to here you were sick ugh I finally felt better but am feeling crappy again.I will be glad to join you for a drink (probably not a Margarita though those things have outragous pts hehe)count me in though. I will have to find some "Light" drinks hehe! Loving the patio set it looks awesome.

Jennifer said...

What the heck, is everyone sick?? What's wrong with Steph?? Glad you are feeling better. Great patio set. Glad you finally got it for your wedding gift. Haha!!

Amanda said...

Hope your feeling better. I guess I missed out on the sick bug although my boys aren't feeling well now. They have a cough and yucky green runny noses. More sleepless nights in store.

Love your table it looks great. I want one too, but well since we don't use the one we currently have I don't think I can convince my hubby. LOL