Thursday, May 29, 2008

my big kids

not much new here, today i ventured to the dr's office to drop off some paper work with all four, they did well. then i feel awful, Lindsey was nice enough to make me dinner and today while she was draining the noodles she poured the water on her pregnancy stomach, yikes i saw it tonight and it looks painful but she said it doesn't really hurt. then she was nice enough to bring it over tonight. the kids had fun this evening they played outside with their new bubble wands, those things are cool and kept Christian enterainted forever as you can see in the pics. I love the last pic of Audrey she looks so grown up. and this pic of Hayden is how he was sleeping with his head all bent up. off to feed little piggy again, he just ate an hour ago! gotta love him.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

reality sets in

so life with four kids is awesome but let me tell you i have a hard time keeping up with daily household chores, i can't seem to clean up from breakfast before ten and i'm lucky by then to be dressed, LOL. today was laundry day and luckily my mom came over to give me a hand, i emptied out the rest of the kids winter/cold weather clothes and pretty much packed away my maternity clothes. In between of crying and whining from the triplets, they were overtired and Hayden wanting to eat alot it was hard for two of us to get anything done, then somehow around 130 we started making headway. I think i need some help at least once a week for ahwile just until we adjust, Chris is great but i don' tl like seeing all the crap sit around until 10 pm since i like to be in bed by 930! I'm also frustrated that i am not in my regular clothes, it was different with the triplets but let me tell you Hayden is so worth it, between my porn star boobs and my widened hips it frustrates me but oh well i'm sure by next summer my last year summers' wadrobe will look like new. Then somehow i have lost my drivers license which makes it difficulty to cash checks or use my debit card that says check ID, so i guess off to the drivers facitly for me on Sat am. Besides getting lots of hugs and kisses today from the trio my moms good friend Jeanette cooked us a home cooked meal, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas, and home made brownies, yummy it was so good. I think Lindsey is bringing us dinner tomorrow so we have been spoiled this week! Tomorrow i am going to attempt to do a quick errand with all four tomorrow, i wonder when we will finally get out of the house. oh well off to pump so Chris can give him a feeding at 1030 so i get a little more rest, i am completely exhausted. Breastfeeding is going great, my only complaint is the little stinker likes to fall asleep and let me tell you he is difficult to wake back up. Good night.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

latest update

it has been awhile since i last posted, things are a little busy but i think i am adjusting well. Today is the first day that i have woken up and not been totally exhausted and sleep wasn't that great last night, Hayden was pretty restless throughout the night for some reason or another. Maybe i am just getting used to the sleep deprivavtion which isn't bad by any means. Last week our good friend Amanda came by and took AWESOME pics of the kids and mostly of Hayden if you look on the link to her blog you can see them, she has three posts of pictures that just rock. She should be a professional photographer. This past weekend we didn't do too much other than going to my mom's and going to a wedding on Saturday. This coming w eek is the Dora and Diego show that the kids have been so excited for i can't wait to take them, i think we will be taking Hayden also. today i need to get my mom's bday gift which is today, Happy Birthday Mom, and drop some stuff off at Salvation Army that i have had in my car since the 5th of May.
The pictures are of Hayden obviously, the kids at Swansea Firemen's picninc, they love rides which we love picnics so that will be a small fortune this summer, and of Emma from Lindsey's playdate last week. There was 18 kids there and only four moms, eight kids were from Tina who has 4 year old sextuplets and two older girls, i have four, and Lindsey and Pam's triplets, anyway Lindsey so nicely provided dessert to 18 kids that were RED elmo cupcakes, it was crazy but the kids sure loved them. off to get ready for the day. i can't wait to get back to the gym but i have three more weeks before i will go, i can't put Hayden in there till he is six weeks and my incision is kinda feeling funny, i think it is just healing but i don't want to push it. Who knows i may get up at 6am and go but the kids LOVE going to the gym, i think it helps break up their day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

bath time

hayden hated his first bath, but the kiddos did too! life is good busy but good, Hayden is a good baby but a very hungry one, he eats alot! Chris gets up once during the night to give him a bottle of breast milk which is nice and so helpful, i do not feel as sleep deprived as i did with the triplets, gosh the days were foggy and my body just hurt b/c i was so tired, now i am just tired but the days are bearable. now our morning routine is a bit delayed and we will see how it goes tomorrow iwth getting out the door by 905 am for school, i have everything ready to go for the morning and i have my mom coming over just to help us get out the door. kids are doing great with Hayden they love him to death, i can not get enough of him and hold him pretty much nonstop, i didn't have the time to do that with the triplets, i think Chris thinks i am spoiling him but i don't. Chris does his male bonding at night and it is neat to see him bond with Hayden, i again was so tired that i really didn't see it in the beginning. oh well somebody is crying b/c he is hungry.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

a little update

ohh two posts in one day and our newest addition is only four days old. Can i just say i am utterly in love with my precious baby boy, i was worried how could i ever love another one as much as i love the triplets but the moment they placed him in my arms love was there, i do look a little under the weather in this picture, right before i tossed my cookies into the gift bag that Cathy had brought. Hayden is absolutely perfect, he is very jaundiced and that started before he was 24 hours old so we go back tomorrow for a follow up hopefully he won't have to go under lights at the hospital. He still looks really jaundiced and isn't pooping the way he should be for, trust me i know what he should be doing with a level that is elevated, this is one time i am hoping for blow out diapers. He is breastfeeding wonderfully and i did give him some formula last night since he was sleepy and didn't want to nurse well for a couple of hours, today the boy is a pig and i think he has been attached to me most of the day. My recovery is going okay, i think i am overexerting a little, today we walked down to the lake in our subdivision the round trip walk is about a mile, let me tell you i thought i was going to die, i was in so much pain by the time we got back that i even wondered how i did it last week. I guess short walks like to the mail box is what my dr meant, oops. Our first night at home wasn't awful, after talking to Amanda i had a worst case scenario in my head and it didn't go so bad, lets just say i got the majority of sleep from 3-630. the kids are awesome with Hayden, they love holding him, well especially Emma, today when he was crying i said mommy needs to feed him and she said "no you don't he isn't hungry" i had to politely inform her that i am Hayden's mommy and she is the helpful big sister.
Hayden we have been blessed to have you as our newest addition. Thank you God for bringing him into our lives. Happy Mothers Day to all.
p.s. check post below for more pictures.

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we are getting in the swing of things. life is awesome.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

final countdown

today i took the kids to the park and they had so much fun, we haven't been in awhile b/c when the weather has been nice we have other things to do, i was bad and forgot the sunscreen so we have some red cheeks but othewise no harm done i think. The girls can pull themselves and hang on the monkey bars for a little while, i had a good pic of Emma doing that but stupid blogger. The kids were so good today, they listened and when it was time to go they didnt' fight at all. My mom came over for lunch then i headed out to get a babybook, some new Clinique makeup a treat for me, and some OPI nail polish so i could fix my toes from my pedicure on Saturday. somehow they got smudged, I called Pam S. and she came over this evening and redid my big toes so they wouldnt' be smudged, that was so nice and i appreciate it greatly. I can still reach my toes but i would have rushed and they would have looked like crap. I may not be blogging for a little while but check back for pictures.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

still baking the bun

so here it is am still baking a little bun in the over, no biggie b/c i got to do my relaxing night with Pam and Jen, we went to dinner at Chevy's and then to see Baby Mama, it was funny, it wasn't the best movie i have seen but it made me laugh out loud. today i wanted to get my baby book and i completley forgot so maybe Sunday, i did take a nap though and it was wonderful. tomorrow i have a pedi and manicure and can't wait. I got our new card reader but i need chris to figure it out i am lazy when it comes to that so i will post pics tomorrow. I need to figure that out for when Hayden gets here, i can't wait to meet our little miracle!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

getting down to the end

so yesterday had my dr's appt and set my csection date, i won't post that on here b/c who knows what weirdos read my blog but it is very soon. i was hoping to have it the day before so the paparrazi would be in town but that just means the paparrzi nazi will come another time, LOL. My only complaint is that i am not sleeping well at all, between the kids waking up to pee, they do get up on their own and turn the bathroom light on by themselves, ughh who is giving them free rein to drinks throughout the day (a little control issue i am having) this kid sitting directly on my bladder, and just anxiety over this whole thing makes for difficutly sleeping! I am waking up at 545 every day which i get up and do something and really aren't too tired until 7pm. Last night was my last ngiht of work for awhile although i have to go in and do some computer training today which i really don't mind, but last night at work i was having frequent intense contractions b/c i was on my feet so much so it is time to be done. I am going to go back to work, i probably will cut my hours when i go back but i need work for my sanity, i do like my job and it is getting much better so for now i will be back. I have a long list to do's on my list, such as getting new contacts, baby book, baby blanket, groceries for the kids for while i am in the hospital,. i know you don[t care what i need but this serves as my list. I also need to get mothers day gifts today, good think we are going with gift cards, makes it so much easier for me.