Thursday, May 29, 2008

my big kids

not much new here, today i ventured to the dr's office to drop off some paper work with all four, they did well. then i feel awful, Lindsey was nice enough to make me dinner and today while she was draining the noodles she poured the water on her pregnancy stomach, yikes i saw it tonight and it looks painful but she said it doesn't really hurt. then she was nice enough to bring it over tonight. the kids had fun this evening they played outside with their new bubble wands, those things are cool and kept Christian enterainted forever as you can see in the pics. I love the last pic of Audrey she looks so grown up. and this pic of Hayden is how he was sleeping with his head all bent up. off to feed little piggy again, he just ate an hour ago! gotta love him.

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Stephanie said...

Awe what a cutie little hayden is love his sleeping pose "Mom get my good side". Audrey got legs for miles watch out dad the boys are going to be after her...not to mention her sister too. Good thing they have brothers to help keep the guys in line.